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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Original Campaign - Part 9

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Walkthrough Part 9 - Port Llast, Duskwood, Ember, the Trial

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Original Campaign). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2.

  • Before leaving Neverwinter for Port Llast, before the Trial, after the Trial, and after the Trial by Combat, speak with Shandra to find changes in her dialogue and opportunities to gain Influence with her.

Port Llast
  • If you tell Sand not to call Alaine as a witness, she will still be called by the prosecution at the Trial, and you still get to use her in your defense. The only difference at this stage is who you gain/lose Influence with. Alaine's testimony can be overturned by both a good relationship with Sandra (who will suggest a line of questioning at the trial) and finding the Quartermaster's Log in Ember.
  • Yask and Haljal Throndar both have special inventories accessed by the Blessed of Waukeen feat (feat number 1765) which you can add to your character with the console.
  • You can steal a Thieves' Hood from Yask -- One of the very few items that have Immunity to Knockdown.
  • You can only ask Malin about Bishop if you first drop Bishop from your party before asking Malin about him. If you don't, she will say she won't talk about him in his presence, but will not re-offer the dialogue option again once Bishop is gone. After speaking with Malin, talk to Bishop for new dialogue choices.
  • Lyssa
    • If Sand is not in your party, dialogue with her is aborted. You can still speak with her again, but it will be as if you agreed to get the GlowStone. You will miss out on either the opportunity to get the full story from the Dryad or a chance to gain Influence with Sand.
    • If Elanee is in your party, her Dire Animals won't attack.
    • If you pickpocket the Alteration Powder from Lyssa, you don't get 1000xp. When the Alteration Powder is given to you in dialogue, it does not appear in inventory but Sand acknowledges it and you get 1000xp.
    • If you get the Alteration Powder in dialogue, you can still bring her the GlowStone. You won't get anything from her if you hand it over, but you can tell her you are withholding it to make her hostile.
  • This is the third time you can meet Guyven of the Road. For him to show up at Crossroad Keep later, you must choose the dialogue option, "You will always have a place at my fire".

GlowStone Caverns
  • The water Grobnar needs to ultimately reactivate the Construct is at the pool on the left side in the GlowStone room, not the pool on the right side with the Glowstone.

The Trial
  • You can more or less get through with just one of the social skills, or Perform if you are a Bard.
  • You receive the Master Orator feat and 1000xp if you successfully defend yourself in the trial.
  • If you lose, Sand will demand Trial by Combat -- so, no matter what, you must fight Lorne.
Trial by Combat
  • If you have enough Influence with Grobnar, he uses an Inspiration which grants you StoneSkin. If you chose a champion, that companion does not get the same.
  • If you fight Lorne personally:
    • You can use Diplomacy on him and tell him you are also a Harborman. It is not clear how success alters the outcome.
    • You can choose to spare him, but you lose the (small amount of) XP from killing him.
  • Lorne is remarkably easy in melee, so any of your fighter-type Companions should be able to handle him with just straight hack-and-slash, and then running away until his Frenzy expires and he dies.
  • Lorne's gear will be in a chest in the Sunken Flagon, by the front door. Another chest ("Reward from Lord Nasher") holds an amulet of Truth if you cleared yourself of charges without having to resort to Trial By Combat.

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