Monday, May 2, 2011

Game Review - Demigod

Game Review - Demigod

Score +5/-3

Demigod is a real-time tactical game where two initially equal forces charge at each other, trying to breach defenses and destroy the enemy citadel. Each side has a Demigod that can be customized with abilities and items, and a citadel where upgrades can be developed. The command of the Demigod and citadel is what tips the scales.

+ From the time battle starts, combat is non-stop. But because the units/reinforcements follow a pre-set path, there is actually very little micromanagement. Your focus is on your Demigod and occasionally going back to your citadel to buy reinforcements.
+ The artwork is gorgeous for comparatively little processing power. The environments are epic, and the level of zoom that can be attained is remarkable (although in the fast and furious combat, you will probably not be zooming in that much for idle sightseeing).
+Each Demigod has its own flavour and a wide range of abilities. You cannot get every ability for your Demigod and you are reset to level 1 in each tournament. This sounds like a bad thing, but wiping the slate in this way allows you to try different strategies and to customize your Demigod against each opponent and for each map. The game is kept fresh in this way.
+You can purchase special item with Divine Favour that will be applied to future games you play. In this way, there is some campaigning and continuity.
+ There are a lot of options, so there is a lot to try -- not just in Demigod powers, citadel upgrades, and items you can buy, but also in the types of games -- you can set the number of opponents on each side and tweak a lot of parameters, although the defaults play just fine.
- There is a multiplayer component, but there have been unresolved connection difficulties as well as only a very small community. You should still try to go online to update your game, however, as it will add two additional Demigods to the roster. There have been issues with using the Demon and Oculus in Single Player, so check the official Forums now and again for help. Stardock may no longer be supporting the game at all.
- The play balance is severely lacking. Not too big a deal in Single Player since it's then up to you what sort of challenge you want, but some Demigods are very powerful and you may end up with the same build over and over unless you force yourself to try something new.
- There is a background story, but no story per se during the games. Because each game is essentially the same (although you can add additional victory conditions other than destroying the enemy citadel), it can get boring really quickly.

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