Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neverwinter Nights 2 Mod - GQ Conveniences

Neverwinter Nights 2 mod - GQ Conveniences
This is a small module / cheat for Neverwinter Nights 2.
There is a non-module "independent" version you can put in your override directory to make the items accessible from any module or campaign through the giveitem console command.

In this module, you start in a small room with three chests in front of you.
The chest on the left has various cheat/convenience items. The other two chests are there to help you sort your inventory or throw away unwanted items.

The cheat items are:
  • Bags of Holding. Each of these bags is labelled with the type of item it is meant to hold, and the inventory icon has been changed to reflect this as well -- For instance, the "weapons" bag shows in your inventory as a sword. The bags will not do anything fancy like automatically sorting your inventory and moving things into bags. The icon change is to help you find the correct bag quickly. You may also want a bag inventory UI with more compact listings that show more items at once.
  • There are also several rings that grant various feats and skills. The bonuses given are obscene and are meant to let you experience portions of the campaigns (by passing skill checks) with virtually any character, especially as most characters will have very few skill points.
  • A Smith Hammer that lets you deconstruct traps. Use it's unique power on a trap in your inventory to recover the components (except the trap kit mold). Use it on empty space to get a free trap kit mold.
  • An item with the icon of a stack of gold coins. Use it on an item in inventory to destroy it, and get gold equal to the item's gold piece value as defined in the construction set. I use this to clear clutter that can be generated by cdaulepp's Random Loot Generator instead of filling up store inventories by selling it to them.

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