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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Original Campaign - Part 11

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Walkthrough Part 11 - Crossroad Keep Management

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Original Campaign). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Table of Contents:

A very good resource with in-depth analysis of what works and why is at Another good resource that dissects the scripts and discusses where they are bugged (not always applicable to the latest 1.23 patch) is NWN2Wiki.

General Notes
  • There are three generally mutually exclusive events that can be attained from the management of Crossroad Keep. By this time in the game, you will have had to choose to work with the City Watch or the Thieves' Guild, and that will have limited your choices already. Even so, you will still have to work to reach certain events -- if you want them. On the other hand, none of these really do anything for you other than give you the satisfaction of having attained them.
    • Warden of the Keep epithet 
      • Good alignment, High Greycloak Civility, Church of Tyr, Joy, Light of Heavens, no Uncus, no Caelryna.
      • You must have chosen to work for the City Watch or you will not be able to turn Uncus away from your Keep and thereby disqualify you from this epithet outright.
    • Dreadlord of the Keep epithet 
      • Evil alignment, Low Greycloak Civility, Wizard's Tower, Uncus and Caelryna, no Church of Tyr, Joy and Light of Heavens not present. You will probably need to have joined the Thieves' Guild in order to use Uncus to bring Greycloak Civility down low enough.
    • Gift from the Greycloaks (Short Sword +5)
      • You need: All sergeants, best weapons and armor for the Greycloaks, Captain's Company, Best of the Best Training, Elite Greycloak Quality, High Morale.
      • If you want to be Warden of the Keep, you can try picking up Jalboun of the Two Blades after getting that epithet.
      • You are unlikely to get this event as Dreadlord of the Keep because the actions required to lower Greycloak Civility will probably hurt Morale as well. Also, you will need Light of Heavens, and you cannot recruit her if you are Evil. If you can manage an alignment change (possible by building the Church of Tyr after becoming Dreadlord and fulfilling the quest there), you might be able to recruit Light of Heavens later on.
      • You must have the Captain's Company, so you must at least start with the highest recruitment standards.
  • Time moves in two ways: Talking to Kana, and building something.
    • Time advances by 2.5% (but is rounded down on the Crossroad Keep report; i.e., 2%, 5%, 7%, 10%...).
    • Whenever you exit the Keep (not just go into the basement and then come back out), when you re-enter and talk to Kana or Kana talks to you, time advances 1 increment.
      • You can avoid this if you have Wolf's Minions, who can teleport you between the Keep Basement and Courtyard, thereby bypassing Kana entirely.
    • If you tell Veedle to build something, the next time you do any area transition time will pass by one increment and the construction is finished. In some cases, construction is complete immediately when you speak with him (e.g., the Temple).
  • At various plot points, Keep Time will stop advancing. You can still keep building, but you get no income, no population growth, no recruitment. Special events that are valid to appear at that Keep Time can still occur.
  • Sometimes Kana starts conversation with a report on an event or mission that was initiated. Exit conversation and then speak with her again to see if she has something else to say -- she only talks about one thing each time even if there are a few items she can report on. Some events have cutscenes that trigger. You can go into the Keep basement and come back out to see if any cutscene-trigger events occur (if you go out to the courtyard and back, Keep Time advances; going in and out of the basement will not advance Keep Time).
  • The cost of fully upgrading the Keep is enormous. Some sources of funding in the early stages:
    • A stack of 750 Gold Rings can be stolen from a merchant in Blacklake. Since no one responds to Sleight of Hand detection unless they were hostile to begin with, there's no harm to keep trying until you grab this windfall. It's probably a developer oversight, however.
    • The Warehouse in the City Watch / Thieve's Guild quests. There are a lot of items, including a large stack of Darksteel Chainmail.
    • You can craft items to sell -- some of the pricier items can be crafted with molds and ingots or planks and be sold for more than the net cost of components.
    • Your Companions: Since you are limited in your party size, not every character needs to be outfitted with the best gear. If you're desperate, some can be stripped down to no gear and you can trade gear between characters before you finalize whatever party you want to go with you on an expedition. Depending on your main character, you could also do many fights solo anyway.
    • Mephasm: The cost in making the bargaining chips he asks for is actually in the rarity of the ingredients and their usefulness in crafting items. Otherwise, it's a good trade even if you ask for wealth (5,000 gold). The best money-wise is the Boots of the Shifting Sands, which could possibly net you over 100,000 gold if you sell it, depending on your Appraise skill.
    • Anything else, even if you need it later. Once money starts accruing in the mid to late stages of Keep Time, you can withdraw funds and buy the items back.
    • Port Llast merchants (Nya especially) give the best prices but have a very limited ability to buy pricey items. Only Port Llast and the Neverwinter Merchant Quarter remain accessible in Act III.
  • Once in Act III, you can take money out of the Keep reserves.
  • Where a skill or attribute is mentioned, you don't need to have actually spent skill points, just have a net bonus from any number of sources (such as Grobnar's Inspiration) when in dialogue and the attribute or skill is checked.
  • Whenever penalties or bonuses are applied by outcomes, they cannot be recovered with just time -- they can only be offset by adjustments from the outcomes of other events. Some adjustments, like troop quality, have only negative adjustments from events.
    • Negative adjustments that affect merchant and peasant growth will ultimately have an impact on keep funds that far outweighs whatever temporary gain in income or immediate cash you got. It is then really useless to be Evil or greedy in the short term.
  • Keep an eye on tithes/taxes. If you see a sudden jump in your report from Kana, it may mean something has screwed it up. We found taxes reset when returning from the Ruins of Arvahn and when after the special mission to send out tax collector.
  • It is unclear how Recruitment works. There are three numbers: Greycloaks, Volunteers, and Recruits.
    • Volunteers is the number of Greycloaks you got without assigning men to recruitment. Recruits is the number of Greycloaks you got through assigning men to recruitment.
    • When Kana reports that there aren't any more recruits to be found, this may or may not be correct.
    • It can take 2 Keep Time advances before there are any results, and recruitment continues several Keep Time advances afterwards. At some point, the "Recruits" number reaches a limit, however.
    • Recruitment drastically reduces income, but it does not appear that your income can go below 0. "Secret" merchant income through the Appraise skill does not appear to be affected.
    • While you can get a temporary increase in recruits through active recruitment, taking Greycloaks and sergeants from patrols will reduce overall population during this period.
After the Raid, Before Keep Ownership
  • After the raid on Crossroad Keep, you can speak with Grobnar and Zhjaeve:
    • Grobnar: You can speak with him about the Construct as you can have up to two components already (the The Ancient Art of Golemcraft and a Vial of Glowstone Water). He talks as if you already own Crossroad Keep, but this conversation can happen before then, so it can be a bit confusing.
    • Zhjaeve: You can speak with her even before getting her to Crossroad Keep to meet Nevalle. She can give you a lot of history, including a reference to a character in Planescape: Torment.
  • After talking to Nevalle at Crossroad Keep, you can go to Blacklake, then with Qara in your party, go to Crossroad Keep. This travel path (and no other) triggers a special encounter with the animus elemental conjured by Sydney Natale for Johcris. You can get this event twice (slightly different the second time).
  • Raise Money:
    • The merchants at Crossroad Keep will give you inferior prices, so use merchants elsewhere first. Only for very pricey items will they be useful as they have a higher purchase price cap.
  • Staff: If you don't talk to Veedle or Kana in the courtyard, time in the keep doesn't start ticking. No income, but no events either. Before you talk to Veedle or Kana, get your initial staff:
    • Katriona (Old Owl Well). She is the only one who can get to Crossroad Keep without having improved the Merchant Trail.
    • Pentin (Old Owl Well) and Calindra (Port Llast). Trying to go to Port Llast results in a small encounter with bounty hunters. Easy targets with good loot. The miners may take a little while to reach Crossroad Keep -- maybe after two or three area transitions by you.
    • Orlen (West Harbor) to start tending the fields. Like the miners, he can take a while to reach the Keep.
These are the buildings and upgrades you can get, and snippets of what Veedle says about them -- which can be taken as hints for build order in the early stages:
  • Courtyard - "You've already built one shop, you want me to build the other? It's quick work and shouldn't slow us down too much."
    • 10000 Blacksmith
      1. 3500 Basic Armor
      2. 5000 Basic Weapon
      3. 15000 Decent Armor
      4. 15000 Good Weapon
      5. 30000 Good Armor
      6. 35000 Best Weapon
      7. 50000 Best Armor (requires more than 8 Ore Veins - not possible until Act III)
    • 10000 Merchant Shop
  • Keep - "Might I recommend doing some structural work on the Keep first? So many of the rooms inside are closed off because they might collapse at any moment. No way for you to live. Humph."
    • 15000 Keep Personal Suite
    • 15000 Keep Library
    • 15000 Keep West Wing
  • Road Work - "... coins in your coffer means more work can be done."
    1. 10000 Road Work Widen Trail
    2. 35000 Road Work Cobble Road
    3. 50000 Road Work Renovations
    4. 100000 Road Work New Bridges and Towers
  • Fortifications - "But it will take a long time ... It may be better to do quicker projects first."
    1. 25000 Fortifications Repairs
    2. 50000 Fortifications Reinforcement
    3. 75000 Fortifications Towers
  • Church - You can choose one in Act III. Neither are particularly critical and the rewards are lacklustre or too specialized to be absolutely necessary.
    • 50000 Church of Tyr
      • If you qualify for the Warden of the Keep epithet, Ivarr gives it to you in the Church, Light of Heavens gives you the Champion's Fist, and Joy gives you the Charm of Joy (item code 31_charm_joy).
      • Offers a quest that will do one of the following:
        • Evil characters can get an alignment change.
        • Good Paladins will find the Holy Avenger longsword in Tholapsyx's horde on Mount Galardrym.
          • Looks useful, but the Paladin-only restriction, lack of special weapon material, and its pre-selected weapon type (longsword) means that a crafted Holy Adamantine +5 weapon is probably more useful all around.
        • Good Clerics will find the Loremaster's Mace in Tholapsyx's horde on Mount Galardrym.
          •  The Wisdom bonus looks great, but stat bonuses don't stack, so you are probably using a Periapt of Wisdom +4 at this time anyway, or may have bought a Periapt of Wisdom +6. Divine Damage is nice as practically nothing has resistance to that.
          • You can purchase this item from the Temple of Tyr.
    • 75000 Sun Soul Monastery
      • At around time +10 Keep turns after you build it, there should be 6 novice monks. Rolan will then be able to start the optional quest for a Monk main character.
      • To qualify, the main character must have 10+ levels of Monk.
      • To get the best outcome, choose to want nothing from any of the elementals.
      • The initial best reward is a pair of Boots of the Sun Soul +5 which you can buy anyway Much later you can get the Fists of Balance, which is obviously a waste for a Monk character who has focussed on maximizing attacks with Two-Weapon Fighting.
        • You may, however, be able to import this over to Mask of the Betrayer, as that campaign starts by stripping you of inventory plus weapons, but can keep gloves.
  • Tower - You can choose one in Act III.
    • 50000 Neverwinter Nine Guard Tower
      • You can spar with Nevalle supposedly for a "slight bonus to attack", but neither the check for "Fighter PCs" or a script to add the "slight bonus to attack" (a +1 to Attack is recommended in the scripting) are implemented. If you feel cheated, you can use the console to give yourself one of the following:
        • +1 Strength if you are a melee character.
        • +1 Dexterity if you are a ranged attack character or use Weapon Finesse.
        • +1 Attack via the Epic Prowess feat (feat number 584).
      • There is a small store inside, and a free suit of Armor of Command.
    • 100000 Wizard's Tower
      • You can get a few scrolls from StarTear if you are a Wizard. Nothing for any other class. There are also a couple of high-level scrolls lying around in the Tower.
      • If you qualify for Darklord of the Keep, you meet StarTear, Uncus, and Caelryna here to receive the epithet. Caelryna gives you Caelryna's Gift.
Ore and Greycloak Gear Upgrades
At the point when you get Crossroad Keep, you should have found 8 of 16 Ore Veins. In order of appearance, they are:
  1. Troll Cave (Bonegnasher Approach)
  2. Bonegnasher Lair
  3. Ironfist Clanhold
  4. Eyegouger Lair L1
  5. Eyegouger Lair L3
  6. Ember Well (easy to miss - turn the camera around when you first enter the well)
  7. Duskwood Caverns
  8. Crossroad Keep Tunnel
The Ember Well is still accessible in Act III, and through the well, you can go to Duskwood even though that area no longer shows on the overland map.
With 8 Ore locations, Greycloaks can have the best weapons (Masterwork) and Scalemail, which is only one tier below the best armor (Chainmail). Two more ores are required for the Best Armor.

The remaining locations are in Act III:
  1. Strange Clearing
  2. Road to Highcliff (at a boulder near the north map exit)
  3. Mount Galardrym
  4. Mount Galardrym (Fire Giant fort)
  5. Fiery Canyon
  6. Forest (Sydney Natale)
  7. Nolaloth's Valley (2 ore veins - one is north of the world transition point)
If you somehow miss an ore vein by the time you reach Crossroad Keep, some locations may no longer be accessible. You can use the console and simulate finding an ore vein with the following commands:
  • GiveXP 50 -- Each time you find a vein, you get 50xp. If you use dm_givexp, only the seelcted character will get xp. Using this command simulates regular xp gain, meaning it affects the main character and all Companions.
  • rs ga_global_int ("01_Mineral_New", "1") -- This changes the number of ore veins you haven't reported to either Calindra or Pentin to 1. Each time you talk to a miner and tell them you have found a new vein, they take the value from this variable to determine how much gold you get and what ingot you get. Then it gets reset to 0. Therefore, if you have 7 you have not reported but should have 8, then use rs ga_global_int ("01_Mineral_New", "8").
Each location you find gets you 250gp up front from either Calindra or Pentin (you get it only once, from either of them). When you speak with them again once they've come back from checking your ore find, you will also receive one metal ingot for each ore vein. The type you get depends on which vein has been processed by the miners:
  • Veins 1-2: Iron
  • Veins 3-4: Cold Iron
  • Veins 5-6: Alchemical Silver
  • Veins 7-8: Mithral
  • Veins 9-10: Darksteel
  • Veins 11-16: Adamantine
Timed Events

Keep time advances in basically 2.5% increments, (rounded down on the in-game report). Each time you assign a sergeant, they must stay in the assignment for at least 2 time increments, so look at the upcoming Special Missions and plan accordingly (or let one time increment go by until you can reassign). You can reassign men and sergeants first and then tell Kana to take care of a special mission.
Some Special Missions have a time span indicated -- If you wait too long, the mission will no longer be available. If you fail to check in with Kana during that time, you will miss seeing the mission entirely.
  • Keep Time 0% - Guyven of the Road
  • Keep Time 0% - Uncus
    • He appears in the throne room at the start. If you do not speak with him now, the next time you enter, he will automatically intercept you and speak with you.
    • You can only turn him away if you worked for the City Watch. You must do so if you want to have the Warden of the Keep epithet.
    • If you worked for the Thieve's Guild, he will have a task for you that, no matter what, will result in penalties for Crossroad Keep.
  • Keep Time 7% - Daerred
    • If you are sincere and helpful to them, they will ultimately survive and give you a magical ring.
    • At Keep Time 15% you get a letter from them if you sent them to Port Llast.
    • At Keep Time 17% they come back to the Keep.
    • At Keep Time 25% you get a letter from them if you sent them to investigate the King of Shadows.
  • Keep Time 7% - Torio
    • If you spoke with Marcus at the Alliance Arms Inn in Port Llast (after the trial), you will also know that Torio's loyalties weren't really with Black Garius so it's safe to bring her into Crossroad Keep.
    • She arrives at Keep Time 10% and she can give you hints on where to recruit staff, like Jacoby, if you haven't already hired them.
  • Keep Time 10%-15% - Special Mission: Old Man Morris
    • You will miss this Special Mission if you do not speak with Kana and handle the mission during the time span indicated.
    • For the best outcome, you need Training level 2+, Weapon quality 1+ or Armor quality 1+, 1+ Sergeants.
  • Keep Time 20%-25% - Special Mission: Doman the Ogre
    • You must also have Jacoby recruited. This requirement plus what Kana says about Doman the Ogre suggests his brother Jared was the Bandit Chief in the Bandit Hideout near Fort Locke. However, you still get this Special Mission if you successfully persuaded the Bandit Chief there to stand down or join Fort Locke. He may also be the bandit leader at the blockade area-transit event from Fort Locke to the Graveyard but you still get this Special Mission if you intimidated them into leaving.
    • For the best outcome, you need Training level: 3+, Weapon Quality 1+ and Armor Quality 1+, Morale 1+, Units on Mission 50+ (30+ Elite 4, 15+ Elite 5), 1+ Sergeants.
  • Keep Time 25% - Time Freeze until Ritual of Purification quest is done.
  • Keep Time 27%+ - Special Mission: Escort Tax Collectors
    • You must also have 10+ or more peasants.
    • The obvious solution to avoid penalties is to collect no tax (and you get mild a +1 Keep Civility and +1 Peasant Growth), but you can collect taxes and have even better bonuses:
      • Good alignment or Charisma 15+ to negate any Unrest no matter what the level of tax if you raise the tax level. A high Charisma here also means less Greycloak losses during the mission.
      • "Assume farmers are truthful" (+2 Peasant Growth, +2 Greycloak Civility, +1 Greycloak Morale) or "Use best judgement" (+1 Peasant Growth, +1 Greycloak Civility).
    • After this mission, all taxes are screwed up, which can hurt your Merchant and Peasant growth, so be sure to reset everything (including the secret tax on merchants through Appraise) immediately. You will know that it's set to a high amount because your income suddenly jumped.
    • Keep Time 32%+ - Dobbson
      • You cannot have this event at the same time as Daerred's company appearing in Act III. Going to the basement and then coming back up does not work here to trigger another cutscene event. In such a case, he appears at Keep Time 35%.
      • You must have joined the City Watch instead of the Thieve's Guild.
      • With enough Appraise, you can get a better understanding of the situation and realize that it is "normal".
      • The only resolutions without any penalties to Crossroad Keep is to let him go.
    • Keep Time 37%-45% - Special Mission: Bugbears
      • For the best outcome, you need Training 3+, Weapon 2+, Armor 1+, Morale 2+, Units on Mission 75+ (45+ Elite 4, 25+ Elite 5), Katriona or Bevil going with them.
    • Keep Time 52% - Raven's Allies
      • You basically exchange a penalty to your troops' Elite rating for more troops up front. This is one of the events that can lower your Elite rating. There is no event that raises it.
      • If your Greycloak Civility rating is very low, this can raise it. If it is high, you can lose some of it although it may not show on the Keep report from Kana.
    • Keep Time 52%-62% - Special Mission: Undead Scouts
      • For the best outcome, you need Training 4+, Weapon 1+, Armor 1+, Morale 2+, Katriona or Bevil going with them.
    • Keep Time 62% - Time Freeze
      • You will be told that Lord Nasher wants to see you, and you should report to Kana afterward. If you go to see Lord Nasher, he will actually have nothing special to say to you. This may actually refer to getting knighted by Nasher after Ammon Jerro's Haven -- a scripted event.
    • Keep Time 70%-77% - Special Mission: Shadow Priest
    • Keep Time 72% - Time Freeze
    • Keep Time 80%+ - Conscription
      • Neither positive nor negative adjustments on the Keep if you choose not to conscript.
    • Keep Time 82% - Time Freeze
    • Keep Time 85%-100% - Special Mission: Find Shadow Reaver's base
      • You must also have acquired the True Name Scrolls from Sydney.
    • Keep Time 92% - Time Freeze
    • Keep Time 100% - Lockout
      • The plot moves on to the war. You can no longer build anything with Crossroad Keep or do any of the events and sidequests.

    Other Events
    • Sheriff of Leeves - Land Security 10+
      • This is a bonus event for characters who joined the City Watch.
      • To get this event, you must have Land Security 10+, which generally means you have repaired the Fortifications (first Fortifications upgrade). Setting Light of Heavens to patrol will also raise Land Security high enough, but this seems to make it impossible to get the best result.
      • If the Neverwinter Evacuation event happens before this event completes, it can also make it impossible to get the best result.
      • The best result is possible only if you station half your troops at Leeves, although the reward is the same for the best or second-best outcome -- possibly because you can build Fortifications too early as Veedle hints that the Keep walls are Nasher's top priority.
      • The second best choice (one patrol stationed) results in "a bloody fight" which suggests that you lost troops, but it is not clear if this actually happens. Also, the outcome here has the same bonuses as the best outcome because the morale bonus for the best outcome is not applied in the script.
    • Mayor Ziffer - Peasants 30+
      • You must have 30+ peasants. To keep them you must maintain 20+ peasants.
      • There is no downside to signing them on. You can get more tax with Appraise.
      • The next time you see Kana, he will come back with an offer of recruits. This is one of the events that can lower your Greycloaks' Elite rating and there is no event that can raise it. The only way to decline without penalty is by having Diplomacy 7+. You can get this event in the same Keep Time unit by going into the basement and coming back out to see Kana.
    • Captain's Company
      • You must have Katriona and have left your recruitment quality at the highest standards. They will then reach eventually "Best of the Best" training and Kana will bring this up when you talk to her.
      • The two options with the best bonuses are:
    • Merchant Coster - Merchants 50+
      • If the Appraise is high enough, you can choose to know about each merchant group and get a bigger alignment shift when doing so. If that dialogue option is not available or you choose not to use it, you are more or less choosing blindly, so the shifts are minor (+1).
        • The Circle of Friends: Civility +1; +1 Lawful or +10 Lawful with Appraise
        • Forgotten Lords: Civility +1, Tithe +10%, +1 Chaotic with or without Appraise
        • Fated Winds: Civility -2, Tithe +25%, +1 Chaotic or +10 Chaotic and +10 Evil with Appraise
        • None: Merchant number cap lowered from 100 to 50. Not sure if this is actually implemented because you can get over 100 merchants.
      • Since every coster gives at least a bit of an income boost, you may wish to set merchant tithes to zero until you get this event and Road Security is High or Very High. Then, set to Standard taxes. A reduced rate of merchant growth does not affect the rate at which Peasants, Greycloaks, and Volunteers increase.
    • Auto-Recruitment
      • If you got to Act III without recruiting anyone from locations that become closed or changed in Act III, Kana will report that she recruited them for you.
    • Mephasm
        • In Act III, you can consult Ammon Jerro to summon Mephasm for infernal bargains. He asks for Charms made from rare materials. You can make as many of them as you like, and all three recipes result in the same type of item.
          • It's not entirely clear, but to summon Mephasm, you need to walk into the semi-circular area cut out of the summoning circle. Once he leaves, walk out of that area and back in again. Ammon Jerro will talk to you and through that dialogue you can call Mephasm again.
            • In the bargains, you get either cash or artifacts. If you are looking for money, the artifacts are a better trade as you can probably sell them for more than 5,000 gold, which is how much cash you get whenever you ask for wealth. To experiment with it, you can use the console and give yourself the 31_mephasm_focus item.
              • Each transaction also gives you a 1-point shift toward Chaotic, which can help you offset any Lawful shifts you accepted to run the Keep well.
              • After three transactions, you can give up your favourite weapon in exchange for an item that gives +3 to an attribute if you have it in your inventory.
                • The process is buggy: See NWN2Wiki's entry on Mephasm for details if you want to try it.
                • The item is also not really worth it because attribute bonuses do not stack, so the +3 bonus does not stack with any other bonus and by this time in the game you will probably have found something better for attributes you care about.
                • If you want to try out the items, you can use the console to give yourself any or all of these items: 31_token_mephasm_str, 31_token_mephasm_dex, 31_token_mephasm_con, 31_token_mephasm_int, 31_token_mephasm_wis, 31_token_mephasm_cha. You can only use the giveitem command to get these items when you are at Crossroad Keep.
          • Nasher's War Levy
              • Start of Act III.
              • No apparent penalties, but +2 Peasant Growth if you pay 6,000 gold to spare the peasants the levy.
            • Daeghun
                • One Keep Time increment into Act III to open up the Circle of the Mere location.
                • He appears near the Blacksmith to tell you he has found the Circle of the Mere.If you like, you can bypass him by using Wolf or his Minions to teleport you.
              • Kistrel
                • If you left him alone, you can still reach him via Ember and the Well.
                • If you were nice to him, he will weave a cloak for you. He is done in Keep Time +20% (8 turns).
              • Light of Heavens
                  • She appears in Port Llast and the Neverwinter Merchant District when you first enter those areas in Act III. If you pass her challenge twice, she appears in your Keep for the final challenge near the stone quarry and miners at the Keep.
                  • You cannot recruit her if you are of Evil alignment.
                • Neverwinter Evacuation
                    • Six Keep Time increments into Act III.
                      • You get an alignment shift in return but no other apparent effects. It is not clear if you actually lose any men or if you can fall below 50 Greycloaks.
                      • Deekin, Sal, Joy
                        • Once you have Deekin, Sal in the inn at Crossroad Keep will give you a Ring of the Ram when business has improved -- probably once you have recruited Joy.
                      • Dragon's Horde
                          • After killing the dragon on Mount Galardrym and next time you speak with Kana.
                          • Full horde of 200,000 gold recovered if Road Security is High+, Greycloak Civility is High+, and Peasant Civility is High+. Also, it appears that you MUST have Greycloaks on either split Land/Road Patrol or Road Patrol. Otherwise, even if all the aforementioned requirements are met, you will lose 30,000 to banditry.
                          • Any greedy or evil actions you took earlier are generally outweighed by the loss of gold here as you can lose as much as half due to low Civility among your Greycloaks or Peasants.
                        • Aldanon and the Tome of Iltkazar
                          • Once you get the Tome, you are supposed to talk to Aldanon. Sand, Grobnar, and Qara all move into the library with him and have something to say. But after Qara chimes in, if you do not have Ammon Jerro and Zhjaeve in your active party, the dialogue will break because they are supposed to speak next.

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