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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Original Campaign - Part 14

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Walkthrough Part 14 - Pre-War - Port Llast, Strange Clearing, HighCliff, Neverwinter Evacuation, Dwarven Stronghold, Mount Galardrym, Sydney Natale, Ancient Valley, West Harbor

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Original Campaign). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Port Llast

Strange Clearing
  • There is a small encounter of three trolls versus some of your Greycloaks when you travel from Port Llast to the Strange Clearing.
  • The road encounter before you actually reach HighCliff has an ore deposit. It can be tricky to find -- It is near the north exit, at the base of a boulder.
  • Vissk - When you first talk to him, various companions will talk about his wounds being fatal. You must exit dialogue with him and re-initiate dialogue in order to get an in-dialogue option to heal him so he won't die after questioning.
  • If your melee characters are having a hard time with the fire shield, remember Ammon Jerro came with a ring that provides moderate elemental resistance.
Neverwinter Evacuation (Merchant District)
  • Look for the two new merchants.
  • Joy can be recruited her. She is supposed to give the Amulet of Joy if you can recruit both her and her sister Light of Heavens. If it doesn't work, you can use the console to give yourself item 31_charm_joy. This only works when you are at Crossroad Keep because the item is defined locally in that module. It looks like a necklace, but it cannot be worn.
Dwarven Stronghold

Mount Galardrym
  • At the entrance to the dragon's lair, there are some boulders you can push to squash some Fire Giants below. You can still push them after defeating all the fire giants, so you might as well do that first so as not to lose the xp from kills. You can go back afterwards to push the boulders for 50xp.
  • Caelryna: You can recruit her once you are Warden of the Keep, and not lose the epithet.
  • Tholapsyx fighting tactics:
    • Agree to help her, then reposition your party and cast buffs and summons before talking to her and deciding to attack her.
    • A fairly easy way to kill the dragon is to keep it blocked from moving toward your spellcasters with one or two fighters and cast Regeneration on the fighters early on. Also, if your fighters are having a hard time with the acid fog the dragon casts, back away a bit before engaging again.
    • The Bigby's spells are largely useless with the exception of Bigby's Interposing Hand to reduce the enormous Attack Bonus by 10 points. If you cast any other Bigby's Spell, you will have to wait until their duration expires to try any other, even if none of them work against the dragon (e.g., It has strength and size is high enough to win Grapple checks against Bigby's Crushing Hand, so you have to wait until the duration expires because the hand continues to try Grappling the dragon.)
    • Another useful spell is Blade Barrier, cast "at location" but targeting the dragon. This should cause the dragon to either cast Regeneration and/or Heal, which basically gives you up to two free rounds with no retaliation.
  • You cannot encounter Tholapsyx solo (e.g., if you remove party members with the party roster menu or console), or you will break scripted dialogue.
    • You can try this if you insist on cheating with the console and going solo against the dragon: When dialogue breaks, you cannot speak with Tholapsyx and she will not be hostile. Walk to her treasure and she will be hostile. When she dies, make sure you are NOT near her treasure because that triggers an event. Bring in at least Khelgar back in your party before walking onto the treasure. You should get the chest for the Path of the Holy quest if you are on it, plus dialogue with Khelgar about how to bring the gold back. Without that dialogue, Kana won't send Greycloaks to get the loot.
  • If you are disappointed by how much XP you get for defeating Tholapsyx, you might try our modified xptable.2da, which is based on the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 XP table rather than what appears to be haphazard awards.
    Sydney Natale and the True Names of the Shadow Reavers
    • If you are having trouble keeping Jalboun alive, try casting Regeneration on him early.
    Shadow Reaver Camp
    • You are advised it might be a trap by various parties at Crossroad Keep, but you cannot deliberately walk into any trap and thereby fight more undead -- no matter what, it is the same encounter. Having either Guyven or Mephasm in Crossroad Keep -- whether you talk to them about the Shadow Reaver Camp or not -- gets you 500xp just for reaching this area.
    • When a Shadow Reaver is severely wounded, it emits a pulse that causes nearby foes to be Knocked Down regardless of Strength.
      • Only having Immunity to Knockdown will resist this effect. Immunity to Knockdown can be obtained from:
      • Continuing to attack the Shadow Reaver before the True Name is fully recited is useful if only to occupy it from doing anything other than heal itself. You may therefore want to abort Zhjaeve or Ammon Jerro from reciting the True Name until after the Shadow Reaver minions are slain. Then, hit him at range (Ammon Jerro is good for this because of his strong and unlimited-casting ranged attacks as a Warlok) to keep him busy healing himself.
      • If you still want Ammon Jerro to start reading the True Name from the start of the encounter, abort him from doing so, turn on his Retributive Invisibility, and then restart it (right click on the True Name scroll and target the Shadow Reaver).
    Ancient Valley (Nolaloth)
    • To get more background information from Nolaloth, ask the questions nearer the bottom of the dialogue options first when he is ready to let you ask questions. Once you start talking about the githyanki, dialogue options close.
    West Harbor
    • A Restoration spell can heal the temporary CON damage you sustain when you enter.
    • You need a lot of Craft skill ranks or Survival ranks to rebuild the bridge for 50 xp. Running across the river doesn't seem to do much harm, however (just some Negative energy damage).
    • You can reach West Harbor without any of the shard pieces by putting them either into a container, or onto a companion whom you then dismiss from your current party. You will still reforge the Sword of Gith, however, so you can try this to keep all your separate shards, some of which are very helpful magic items because they only have to be in your inventory to function.
      • Note that once you are at West Harbor, you cannot simply drop the shards onto the ground (they will be picked up automatically) or given to a companion (the game will search for the shards among your companions).
    • When you first start the cutscene to reforge the Sword of Gith, you put on the ground the first item in your inventory.

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