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Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Walkthrough

The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II - Hints and Walkthroughs
This post indexes all our hints / walkthroughs for the Battle for Middle Earth II campaigns -- Good, Evil, and Angmar -- all played on HARD Difficulty (120% damage from the enemy, enemy has no limitations on powers and abilities it can choose to use on you).
They are actually best read AFTER you've finished a particular mission or if you are having trouble with one, as you may find a different and interesting approach to the mission than your own -- or have a superior strategy yourself.
None of these strategies really apply for Multiplayer or Skirmish.

Overall, the game plays almost identically to SpellForce. You can build almost anywhere, build an obscene number of archery towers to do the fighting for you, and you might as well spend your units like water because none of them follow you to the next mission (unlike the original Battle for Middle Earth). Only heroes retain veterancy, so you should strive to use them as much as possible and quickly level them to 10. Even then, heroes are often limited in level during various missions.
Something you can often do is to move in with as many heroes as you have first, and if they are in trouble, retreat them and follow up with regular troops. Put heroes on Guard because their attacks are usually strong enough to kill enemy troops in one swing anyway.
For most missions, having a lot of upgraded archers rule. Put them in two teams so that if one team is charged, the other can still attack instead of micromanaging a retreat of some battalions before they are engaged in hand-to-hand.


Good Campaign
EvenStar Powers
Mission 1 - Rivendell
Mission 2 - High Pass
Mission 3 - Ettenmoors
Mission 4 - Blue Mountains
Mission 5 - Grey Havens
Mission 6 - Celduin
Mission 7 - Erebor
Mission 8 - Dol Guldur

Evil Campaign
One Ring Powers
Mission 1 - Lórien
Mission 2 - Grey Havens
Mission 3 - The Shire
Mission 4 - Fornost
Mission 5 - Mirkwood
Mission 6 - Withered Heath
Mission 7 - Erebor
Mission 8 - Rivendell

Angmar Campaign (Rise of the Witch King expansion)
Angmar Powers
Mission 1 - Foundation of Angmar
Mission 2 - Conquest of Rhudaur
Mission 3 - Amon Sûl
Mission 4 - The Dark Lord's Eye
Mission 5 - Barrow-Downs
Mission 6 - Carn Dûm
Mission 7 - Plague Bearer
Mission 8 - Fornost
Epilogue - The Fall of Angmar

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