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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Original Campaign - Part 13

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Walkthrough Part 13 - Ammon Jerro's Haven, Castle Never, Neverneath

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Original Campaign). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Haven Approach
  • Fire Elementals
    • Fire Elementals have strong Damage Reduction against physical attacks. Most of it can be bypassed with a weapon of +2 or higher Enhancement, but they will always have DR 5/-, meaning 5 points of reduction that cannot be bypassed no matter what type of weapon you have.
  • Geysers
    • Geysers inflict massive Acid Damage instead of poison damage as the dialogs suggests. However, if you use Energy Immunity (Acid) on a character, it inflicts Magical Damage instead.
    • You can Influence Elanee here with an Intelligence check.
    • You can win Influence with Neeshka if you successfully get the water with Dexterity or Tumbling.
    • The safest path is to follow the grass at the edges (obviously -- the geysers would have killed those off), although on the left side there is a small geyser in the grass near the main geyser. You can also wait a while and watch where the geysers spout.
    • Do NOT reload a game if your main character is in the danger zone because whenever you reload, your Companions appear around your main character. At the geysers, there isn't much room and some might end up hurt by the geysers.
  • Shaman
    • Your answers can Influence Shandra, Casavir, and Bishop.
    • Whichever way you answer, you get 500xp and kill xp. The difference in kill xp is minor at this point.
    • If you opt to fight the spirit barbarians, under Rage they have Attack Bonuses in the mid-20's, so any Armor Class under 40 will be generally useless if you are swarmed and any stoneskin will be expended quickly. You can, however, try to cautiously draw only a few at a time since they start below the plateau and cannot initially see you.
  • Don't panic when Shandra disappears. You'll get all her gear back later. You will not be able to return to the Haven interior or exterior, however, so don't leave anything there.
  • Once you enter the Haven, you have a long way to go before you get out again, so cache stuff if you have to because you'll need a lot of room to haul gear. Low-Strength characters should be particularly conservative here. If you upgraded Crossroad Keep with both the West Wing and the Personal Quarters, you can get a Magic Bag which can be very useful here. There will also be a brief solo portion and main characters who cannot open locks should get the Chime of Opening from Raylene in the Neverwinter Docks District to open chests without damaging contents.
    Ammon Jerro's Haven
    • Baalbisan and Hezebel
      • Do neither quest initially. Blooden will give you the true name that Hezebel is looking for. You can then give it to Hezebel (if you are unable to Bluff her) and secure her aid without angering Baalbisan -- therefore getting the aid of 4 infernals instead of just 3, and 1,000 more xp.
    • Hezebel and Blooden
      • If you don't rebuff their advances toward your male character or if you flirt with them, you will lose Influence with Elanee or Neeshka (only Elanee if both are in your party).
    • Hezebel
      • You can speak with her again after agreeing to her task to try to Bluff her with a made-up true name. You do need an awful lot of Bluff skill, though.
    • Blooden
      • The succubi in the corridor before her might not attack but they are supposed to. Leave the corridor and re-enter to see if the script triggers.
      • If you mock her, she calls 1 succubus to attack before you can talk to her again. If you bore her or refuse her task, she sends 2 and can do so twice (so you can't milk this encounter for XP).
      • If Neeshka is with you, Blooden will reveal that one of the infernals is in her ancestry. This doesn't seem to go anywhere, however.
      • If Grobnar is with you, you can gain 3 points of Influence: Choose to say "something interesting", then say "you are very unstable", then invite Grobnar to sing.
      • Once you get the Nessian War Hounds, if you go too far away from Blooden's room (e.g., head toward Hezebel), they will become hostile. You can turn then back to neutral if you tell Blooden you will fight against her minions or if you tell her you won't fight. Or, you can kill them and then tell Blooden you won't fight (which makes her send her minions against you)--thereby killing all the minions for xp.
    • Zaxis
      • If you command her to stop referring to herself in the third person, you gain Influence with Neeshka (once) and make available again the dialogue to tell her to open the portal, thus allowing you to gain 1,000 xp an unlimited number of times.
    • Ancient Book
      • Successfully using Lore and Spellcraft give 500 xp each, but you only one try -- the dialogue option disappears after that, so you cannot retry when you arrange for higher skill bonuses.
    • Summoned Horned Demon
      • Although the label indicates this is a summon, it is actually not and can be slain for xp. Normally, summonned creatures do not yield any kill xp.
    Castle Never

    • Interestingly, you are credited XP for the Palace Guard killed by the Shadow Priest during the initial Castle Never cutscene.
    • The initial attack seems like a great place to use Cleansing Nova, but it actually isn't since it probably won't outright kill anything, rather just weaken them for Nevalle or the Palace Guards to pick them off and therefore deny you kill XP.

    • One of the few times when successfully performing quests (here, answering questions) will yield more XP than violence and destruction. If you correctly answer all statue questions and solve the final puzzle, you get bonus XP.

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