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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Original Campaign - Part 16

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Walkthrough Part 16 - Vale of Merdelein, Ritual Chamber

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Original Campaign). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Vale of Merdelein
  • There are a lot of traps here and you don't start with Neeshka, so that can be trouble for a non-Rogue character, since Rogues are the only ones with the Trapfinding feat. You need this feat to detect and disarm traps of very high difficulty.
    • In general, areas around lights may be trapped, as are entrances and other chokepoints.
    • The cleric Find Traps spell isn't always reliable.
    • Ammon Jerro's The Dead Walk are good for making expendables to trigger traps safely. You can try a combination of Retributive Invisibility (if you want to scout an enemy-infested area) and having the summoned undead walk to you past whatever area you want to test for traps.
    • To cut through all the tedious maneuvering (as the Vale area is really quite large), you can turn on DebugMode with the Console. This reveals all floor triggers, including traps (in red, as if detected).
    • You can also just blithely walk into the traps and let either your Regeneration items heal you, a Persistent Mass Lesser Vigor from Zhjaeve, or Grobnar's regeneration Inspiration -- these are just alternatives to not suck up too many spells and have to rest too often.
  • In the final area, you start off ambushed by Mummy Lords who immediately cast Flame Strike, so immediately split up the entire party so they don't get hit by overlapping areas.
  • After this encounter, rest a couple of times to trigger the attacked-while-you-are-resting encounters. After two, they end so you can safely rest after that before facing the Shadow Reavers.
  • To get them to come to you:
    • Have Ammon Jerro cast The Dead Walk downstairs. This may take a couple of tries as he might start running across the bridge. Don't let him. It is possible to have the skeleton summoned below without having to cross the bridge. The skeleton summoned will run back up the ramp, triggering any traps and the encounter trigger. Instead of facing them at the broad landing, face them in the narrow entrance stairs that descend to the area -- there if you happen to pull more than one at a time, you can keep them from sighting you and casting too many spells.
    • If you have a monk or maybe someone under Haste, you can probably just run out immediately after the dialogue. Preferably you will have already positioned your other party members so you won't get a traffic jam going up the stairs.
Ritual Chamber
  • High enough Influence can cause Bishop to leave, if you choose the right dialogue options.
  • You do not need to recite the True Name Scroll to kill Black Garius, since that was already done during the siege of Crossroad Keep.
  • Touching a statue lets either Ammon Jerro or the PC renew their use of the Illefarn ritual feats. You can do this until the final attack on the King of Shadows. Try to use the Soothing Light powers to heal your companions instead of using spells. Use it and use it often because your Soothing Light is insanely powerful -- healing 1 hit point per level per round for 10 rounds, plus you don't have to target anything.

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