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Star Wars: Empire at War - Vergesso Asteroids

Star Wars: Empire at War - Vergesso Asteroids
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Imperial Campaign
Available in Mission 5 (Subjugating Geonosis) / Tech Level 2.

Space Battle
If you charge in with your Acclamators, you will probably lose them. The problem is the asteroids right in front of you: They will cause the larger vessels in your fleet to divide and go around, and when they emerge, you will essentially be letting the pirate fleet phalanx "cross the T" -- That is, direct a lot more firepower at you and at one vessel at a time.

Instead, send Darth Vader in to annoy them and try to lure them out by firing on them (but watch his wingman count!). If they break ranks and slowly head for you, they will now encounter the same problem with having to split up and reach you one at a time. Make sure you have a bit of room behind you so that you can pull back any large ship that is heavily damaged until their shields can recharge. Once a ship is no longer in the front, the enemy will probably choose a closer target.
Be patient and let them call in as many reinforcements as they like, then take down their base.

If you still have a lot of trouble with this battle (and the pirate bases will start to be like this -- cruiser phalanxes), defer it until Tech Level 2 when you can get Broadside Cruisers.
The tactic here is to simply stay put. Scout ahead with Darth Vader, who also then keeps the pirate fighters engaged. Now that the fog of war is lifted over the pirate frigate formation, bombard the pirate fleet from afar using the Broadside's bombard ability. The explosions in the bombardment area will also destroy small ships like pirate fighters. If any cruisers survive, they come toward your ships heavily damaged and you can pick them off with Darth Vader or your cruisers.

If you wait till Tech Level 3, the phalanx makes a juicy target for a Broadside Cruiser barrage.

Rebellion Campaign
The Vergesso_Asteroids is the site of Mission 8 (Needle in a Haystack).

Space Battle
This mission is fairly straightforward if you do not panic and if you do NOT listen to Han Solo talking about taking out TIE Fighters quickly when spotted. If you hang around to do that, it generally just attracts more attention. After a short while, if you are still in the area, an Imperial Star Destroyer and several TIE Scouts magically appear and the Star Destroyer will tractor beam the Millennium Falcon.

Don't bother trying to hide in the nebulae. At the start of the mission, watch the minimap for an opening between the patrols (that go counterclockwise visiting the depots you have to check) an slip in. Proceed in a counterclockwise fashion and check each depot. If you engage or are engaged by TIEs, just leave them and head to the next depot. More than likely, they will somehow lose sight or lose interest.

You might end up missing a depot but will eventually come to one where there are TIE Scouts flying around it and not moving. Don't try to engage the Scouts. Just park the Millennium Falcon there and finish the mission. You are automatically extracted during the cutscene.

If you do this mission without wasting time, you won't have to encounter Boba Fett, whose Slave-1 has a strong attack and can easily outlast the Falcon in a dogfight.

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