Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Star Wars: Empire at War - Corulag

Star Wars: Empire at War - Corulag
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Rebellion Campaign
Corulag space is the site for Mission 9 (Borrowed Time).

Space Battle

This mission is pretty straightforward, except you probably don't have time to destroy the later cruisers. When a ship takes enough damage and turns to flee, just leave it and go for another target.

After the battle, you can immediately return to Corulag and capture the orbital space without resistance.

Land Battle

You will probably need to land two MPTL-2a units (four vehicles) in order to secure the landing zone because the Imperials like to send a lot of vehicles on this map.

Destroying the Imperial Prison releases a mix of units, some of which are allied, some not. It is easiest to just clear all the enemy units with a single artillery blast.

The MagnaPulse Cannon can be disabled by either destroying the Cannon itself or the Power Generator in the northeast corner.

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