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Star Wars: Empire at War - Jabiim

Star Wars: Empire at War - Jabiim
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Imperial Campaign
Available in Mission 9 (The Rebel Fortress) / Tech Level 4. Starts under Rebel control. Conquer Jabiim early as part of preventing the Rebels from building raid fleets. The Mission does not end until the Land Battle is over.

Space Battle
If you take Jabiim early, it may only have a level 3 Space Station (unlike Fresia, which starts at Level 5). However, it has asteroid fields on the perimeter, which can cause your larger ships like Victory Star Destroyers to circle round if you're not watching.
Jabiim also has an Ion Cannon on the planet, which can disable any ship for a long time. This means it can't fire, it can't move, and shields drop to zero.

I captured Jabiim space early in Mission 9 with five Victory Star Destroyers, two Broadside Cruisers, Darth Vader, and a Fleet Commander. No losses sustained, no reinforcements called.
On entry, I moved the Broadsides away to a corner to maximize their chances of staying out of sight. I stopped the Star Destroyers from moving so they wouldn't accidentally drift into space station range. (Even so, the Ion Cannon could still hit them.)
As usual with Broadside Cruiser station sieges, I have Darth Vader (or TIE squadrons) tie up the larger Rebellion ships near the space station if possible--Enemy ships often drift closer and if your Broadside Cruisers come under fire, they could be crippled or destroyed before the enemy is shot down. Darth Vader can take on the missile-firing Marauders and keep them too busy to fire on you.
Once the initial wave of corvettes is done, use Broadside Cruisers to take on the space station while keeping the Star Destroyers holding still, defending each other and out of range of the station. Anytime a Broadside Cruiser draws attention from another vessel, pull them back.
Eventually you will destroy the station with missiles. Retreat your Broadsides behind your Star Destroyers and advance your fleet cautiously together so they can concentrate fire and cover each other. Any that are heavily damaged can be retreated to a far corner away from enemy activity.

Land Battle

The energy generator is outside of the shielded area, to the northeast. It's possible to solo this mission with Darth Vader, and in some ways it's easier because you start in a cramped area, and if you land units other than Darth Vader, the Rebels immediately try to swarm you.

If you want to take this the non-cheesy regular way (i.e., not solo with Darth Vader), you have to immediately move your units when you land. Start with an AT-AT (maybe Colonel Veers) as it is the least fragile. Set up one or maybe two groups units of SPMA-Ts to back it up. Against anything that gets past the AT-AT, you can use AT-ST Walkers (Repulsor lift vehicles cannot be deployed on Jabiim).

There are two side-by-side Building Pads near the western exit from the Reinforcement Point, and is the best place to park your AT-AT as you can have two Vehicle Repair Stations constantly healing it against an onslaught of heavy armor and artillery.

Once the initial wave is over, move your SPMA-Ts to the building pads and move your AT-AT a bit forward so they are targeted by enemy artillery first. Keep your AT-AT there to draw fire from artillery units -- After the initial wave, the Rebels will have to wait for new vehicles to be produced from their factories. Send maybe Darth Vader and supporting AT-ST Walkers to find the shield generator and take it out with a bombing run. Or, send the AT-AT, and then return it to the Vehicle Repair Station before the final advance on the base.
After that, you can advance on the base. Take out the heavy factory first (northeastern corner of the base, usually).

The mission does not end until you take out the Ion Cannon deep in the forest to the east.

Rebellion Campaign

Space Battle
Land Battle


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