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Star Wars: Empire at War - Fondor

Star Wars: Empire at War - Fondor
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Imperial Campaign
You must capture Fondor in Mission 2 (Crush. Kill. Destroy.) / Tech Level 2.

Space Battle

Nothing special.

Land Battle

Fondor is interesting because there are Turrets at choke points, but you can also often see them without coming under fire by being around a corner or behind a narrow obstacle. The Turret will still fire at you, but instead its shots will hit the barrier. A bombing run that is not directly aimed on a turret can still take it out if it is in the blast radius, so you don't always need Vader to locate them.
If your bombing runs stop working, the rebels may have built an Anti-Air Turret. You are still notified that the bombing run is underway and there is another waiting period for the bombing run to again be available.

There are some tight spots, so two squads (8 AT-STs) are probably all you will want to move around at any one time to avoid traffic jams. Bring them all in if you can, but leave some in reserve -- swap one squad in while the other heads back to Repair Stations.

You can actually solo this map with Vader. And if you can keep his health high, you can actually stand surrounded by light arms fire from vehicles or infantry (or even PLEX Troopers) and practically indefinitely hold them off while deflecting/reflecting laser fire. Turn on time acceleration to see how long he can last!

Fondor is also the first planet on which you can build a Cantina and hire a Smuggler for 500 credits. It is useless to set them to Steal Credits as it will typically take 5-10 days before you break even on the cost. Before then, they will either be somehow removed by the enemy, or you will have taken the planet. Once you take over a planet with your own Smuggler still Stealing Credits, you will see both a + and - on the credits produced -- Basically your Smuggler stealing from you and giving you back the same amount.

Rebellion Campaign

Space Battle
Land Battle


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