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Star Wars: Empire at War - Corellia

Star Wars: Empire at War - Corellia
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Rebellion Campaign
Corellia is the site of Mission 7 (Rescue the Millennium Falcon) and on the Empire's path to Mon Calamari in Mission 11 (Defense of Mon Calamari).

Space Battle
This was a curiously straightforward mission once you realize that the nearest two Imperial Star Destroyers will not engage if you leave them alone. I started this mission with Sundered Heart, six Assault Frigates, and two Broadsides. I simply set all units to attack the tractor beam holding the Millennium Falcon. Although the Assault Frigates were distracted along the way by the space turrets, just before the Imperial Star Destroyer reached the space station the Tractor Beam was reduced to about 50%. This allowed the Millennium Falcon to break free and the mission cutscene to start.

Corellian orbital space can be conquered after the mission without resistance. Build an Ion Cannon now for Mission 11 when Corellia is in the warpath of the Imperials. You do, however, probably have just enough time to finish building it during Mission 11 before it is attacked.

If you let Captain Piett lead the Mon Calamari invasion force out from Coruscant in Mission 11, he will head down to Corellia where you can destroy his fleet with Admiral Ackbar, Home One, four Mon Calamari Cruisers (all of these given to you free in Mission 11) and two Marauders. Be sure to have by then built up your space station there and put an Ion Cannon on the ground. Keep the Accuser disabled with the Ion Cannon and Captain Piett won't get to fire the shield-ignoring beam from his special Imperial Star Destroyer.
The map is tricky there with asteroids right in front, forcing your Cruisers to spread out (Home One will probably swing far to the left) if you try to move them. Instead, let the Imperials come to you, thereby forcing them to approach one at a time.

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