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Star Wars: Empire at War - Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars: Empire at War - Emperor Palpatine
This is a hint / walkthrough for a hero in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Emperor Palpatine's build-cost discount is on top of any discount you may get from having certain planets. It does not stack with Colonel Veer's discount for AT Walkers. And because items in the build queue are pre-paid, you may as well keep him on the move, going on a survey of all the planets, especially as in the late game, a space station can cost 6000 credits and an Imperial Star Destroyer more than half that (plus you'll want to queue a lot of them).

On Land
  • Like Darth Vader, the Emperor can reflect laser fire. So, when his health is high, he is basically immune to any amount of light laser fire (e.g., from infantry or natives) coming his way. He can therefore draw their fire, and when they've clumped together nicely, you can move in close to use his Force Corruption power (which has a very wide radius and a very slow recharge rate) to his side or kill them en-masse with his Force Lightning, which has remarkable range and wide triangular area of effect.
  • Those close to him are affected by some sort of Dark Force effect that appears to eventually kill them. Units that are Force Corrupted will also slowly die, but more quickly--so use them quickly.
  • Both infantry and land vehicles can be converted by Force Corruption, but not turrets, buildings, or T-47 Air Speeders.
  • Emperor Palpatine counts as Infantry except when it comes to dugouts -- Unlike regular infantry, he does not benefit from the constant healing provided.
  • Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader can attack buildings and turrets from a distance, but they cannot both do so simultaneously -- One will move in and use their light saber.
  • Force Lightning only works on infantry.

In Space
In space combat, the Emperor is attached to a cruiser but grants no special powers.

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