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Star Wars: Empire at War - Bestine

Star Wars: Empire at War - Bestine
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Imperial Campaign
Available in Mission 5 (Subjugating Geonosis) / Tech Level 1.

Space Battle
The map does not immediately make it apparent, but between your initial entry North-West-North of the space station, there is an asteroid field that Acclamators will have to avoid. This means that they will make a tight turn to face the space station at the very end. The ship that reaches the turn first will come under a lot of fire and could be lost.
Instead, first go far north, then east -- using the Move command so they won't stray to attack something that comes into range -- then start your attack run on the station once your Acclamators are close enough to stay together when they turn and head down.

Land Battle
Bestine has a lot of side-by-side Building Pads, which can either be very dangerous Turrets or very strong Vehicle Repair Stations. Since I use at lot of AT-STs, I chose Repair Stations.

What makes Bestine interesting are the narrow corridors. When you get to the second Reinforcement Point, you have just enough time to secure the Building Pads before a horde of infantry rush you.
Nearest to the Building Pads is a dugout (which heals infantry while they are in it). This dugout will typically accept only one unit at a time. If you move Vader out, the Pirates immediately try to secure it -- which could put them right in front of an AT-ST who can then rush forward and step on them. The initial wave has a lot of infantry, so you can actually charge your AT-STs forward a couple of times to quickly squash the infantry.

Once the vehicles appear after the infantry rush, try not to use your Bombing Run yet. Instead, once you advance forward and are near where the peninsula ends, there will be lots of vehicles and two dangerously positioned turrets. Wait a bit for the vehicles to converge, then move Vader ahead to locate the turrets and call down a Bombing Run. Pull Vader back, especially if he is quite hurt by this time. Wait for the bombs to drop, then quickly rush out of the narrow corridor and secure the Building Pads.

Rebellion Campaign

Space Battle
Land Battle


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