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Star Wars: Empire at War - Atzerri

Star Wars: Empire at War - Atzerri
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War. The index of all our guides for Empire at War is here.

Imperial Campaign
In Mission 9 (The Traitorous Moff), you first engage Moff Kalast over Atzerri.

Space Battle

The initial battle with Moff Kalast is straightforward. Afterwards, Moff Tarkin gives you an Interdictor at Coruscant.
It is vital that you grab this quickly and get ready for Moff Kalast to reappear over Atzerri. If you miss him, or if you fail to apprehend him there, he will appear elsewhere. He only appears over planets that have already been revealed/are accessible, so if you have conquered all planets, then he will appear over one of them.
The problem is, wherever he pops up, you lose everything in orbit, including a space station, regardless of how built up it is. The station is replaced by a level 2 Rebel space station, and Moff Kalast is accompanied by a small Rebel fleet. So the sooner you apprehend him, the less infrastructure you will lose.

Land Battle

You start with a small force and the enemy behind a shield, with no ready way to disable the shield.
Move forward your AT-AT along the diagonal path and park it at the Building Pad nearer the shielded Rebel base. When the initial wave of Rebels is over and your SPMA-Ts are moved up and in position to provide your AT-AT with covering fire, move your AT-AT into the base.
Here, Colonel Veer's special AT-AT ability to unleash a powerful barrage is useful for quickly taking down the Shield Generator so that your SPMA-Ts can continue to support your AT-AT with covering fire because there will be a lot of vehicles traffic-jammed around the AT-AT's legs, some of which are T4-B Heavy Tanks that even an AT-AT has trouble quickly destroying.

Atzerri has two lakes separated by a diagonal path. You can have Repulsor Tanks on the lakes, but we didn't find this very useful.

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