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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Walkthrough - Chapter 7

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Walkthrough - Chapter 7
This post discusses skills in the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic single player campaign -- PC version, regular edition, HARD Difficulty.
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Chapter 7 - Fire in the Blood - +12 Skill Points

Any time before you recover your backpack, if you are not in Demon Form and you click the attack button, you will equip the EarthFire Sword and later a shield if you find one. However, you will not be able to pick up your backpack later on. Also, while you have this EarthFire Sword equipped, if you pick up a weapon the game will crash.

To avoid using Xana's demon powers, you can instead of going through the tunnels to your equipment, swim to the water wheel. Climb it to the very top then take the wall path to the archer's position. You will probably not be able to get by the archer, so quickly run and position yourself so that the archer has his back to the cliff edge, then kick him over. If you wait too long, he may go into the tunnel and keep backing up. After the archer, there are no more orcs between you and your equipment.

Part 1 - Orc Tunnels - +5 Skill Points

  • From the start position, dive into the water and swim to the left when you are facing both the corpse pile and the balcony from which the orc tossed the goblin in the initial cutscene.
  • Room with Smithy - One of the beds has something underneath. Attack the bed to destroy it.

Part 2 - Goblin Encampment

  • Water pit to the right of orc prisoner's cell.
  • Corridor to left of orc prisoner's cell has a door outline. Look for a squarish brick on the left side of the door.
  • Ruined tower has a chest in the water and an item against the wall (use telekinesis to grab).
  • Side path has 2 wooden beams over a hole. Use a Rope Arrow to go down.

Part 3 - Giant Worm - +3 Skill Points

Run and jump across the bridge. This can be really tricky if you don't have enough stamina for the big jumps.
At the other side, rest first to get your mana up, then go upstairs. When you kick down the planks and enter the room, the way will be sealed behind you and the giant worm will be in front. It will take bites at you, so if you do not have the EarthFire Shield or Lightning Shield, you are in big trouble if you have to linger for a while -- in most of the rooms/safe spots the worm can't bite you but will breathe poison. But in some, it can.
Sanctuary is a very good spell here as 20 seconds is more than enough time to rush from one safe spot to another. Poison will drain your health to 5, but your Mana will still regenerate, so at each safe spot, patiently wait until your Mana climbs up to 25+. Meanwhile, keep your shield up.
At this point, you can go right into the next room to collect some potions and a mushroom, or left toward the cave. If you run for either of these as soon as you stepped in, there is a chance you can avoid the worm or take only one bite. Otherwise, you need to have your back to the wall and block the worm's bites. Be careful of slopes as you put down your shield for any kind of drop or fall, no matter how slight.

Part 4 - Reservoir and Goblin Mine - +2 Skill Points

Lure the Facehuggers out by shooting arrows into the openings in the wall to get their attention. This brings them one at a time into the tunnel you start in, making it easier to kill them.

  • There are two sewer holes with wooden beams outside. One of them leads to a spider lair, then out onto a walkway. Go to the end of the walkway where the edge has crumbled, and look down to see a ledge. Go down that ledge and walk to another tunnel.
  • After flooding the tower to go up, look for a mushroom even higher up on a very narrow ledge. You can reach the ledge from the roof of the goblin platform.
  • From the Goblin platform looking out into the tower, there is a hole leading to a tunnel. One end opens out into the tower, the other into a small room.

Part 5 - Orc Storage Building

  • After the second trolley ride, follow the balcony all way around past the hut with the fireplace inside.
  • Return to the hut. Look for a beam to the right of hut to plant a Rope Arrow and access the roof. From there, enter the alcove.
  • Inside storage building, on a walkway behind a platform with many barrels, there is a protruding stone. When you enter the secret room, the ceiling will start to lower.
  • Behind the other platform with many barrels is a tunnel in the wall right above a tall rectangular crate.
  • In the long staircase, there is a hole in the wall on the right side.

Part 6 - Beach - +2 Skill Points when you leave this Chapter.

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