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Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Good Campaign - Mission 4 - Blue Mountains

Battle for Middle Earth II - Good Campaign Mission 4 - Blue Mountains
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth II. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth II posts here.

As in the previous missions, you can get through on just the troops you are provided, but starting with this mission, fire support from archers becomes more important to your heroes as the enemy starts with high-veterancy units which, like your own, are fully upgraded.

Drogoth the Dragon Lord can be held off indefinitely in the initial area with your ranged attack troops supported by a Hearth (for healing) or a Fortress. He appears to be scripted with invulnerability and to flee (to heal) whenever his health drops to about 25%. Since this can be quite bothersome, you might as well just do the mission the way it was intended.

Battlewagons are handy to build here as they can be essentially portable Heroic Statues and portable Hearths. But be careful moving them around as other battalions may move out of the way -- and while moving, battalions cannot attack and may move themselves into a position where they are flanked by the enemy.

The cave with spiders and trolls (across the bridge, north side) has a lot of Spiders and Spider Riders, and if both battalions and Mountain Giants come at you all at once, you may lose some battalions. Draw them out with heroes and hope you decimate the Spider Riders before having to direct your attention to the Giants. It is possible to get through this without completely losing any battalions and without powers, but it is pretty tough. It may be easier to handle them inside the dwarven fortress -- there is a southern passage from that cave into the fortress. If you have buildings outside, that can also attract attention and split their forces.

Drogoth the Dragon Lord can be defeated in the final encounter by concentrating fire from your archers (you only need to defeat the dragon to win, not secure the throne room). Once you have secured the area outside the gate, you can also build a retarded number of axe thrower towers to help you fight (although Drogoth can take down one tower per attack). As soon as Drogoth is defeated, the mission ends.

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