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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Walkthrough - Epilogue

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Walkthrough - Epilogue
This post discusses skills in the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic single player campaign -- PC version, regular edition, HARD Difficulty.
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Epilogue +2 Skill Points, +2 Skill Points for helping Istvan (optional)

Area 1 - +2 Skill Points for helping Istvan (optional)

  • After descending the stairs and into the Necropolis, across from your position you can see a shelf with many sarcophaguses and a potion in an empty slot below them. If you jump to the ledge and continue along the ledge around to the right, you will be in a sniping position against some necromancers. The rafters below lead you to a magic mushroom.
  • To the left of the potion described above, on a lower ledge, there is an alcove with a chest. It requires the Burglary skill to open.
  • From the abyss, exit up the stairs facing the direction the statue overlooking the abyss is facing. Turn right to see a sarcophagus at an angle. Look behind it for a mushroom.
  • Room with undead cyclops - Check the ledges and around the pillar with a sarcophagus for mushrooms.

Area 2 - Lich Kings - +2 Skill Points for defeating the Lich Kings

Watch for any floor tiles that are raised -- They could be trap triggers.

  • There is a hole in the wall in the fire jet corridor.
  • First room with several vampire knights - There is a chest on top of a pillar. Requires Burglary to open. In the next room, look for ceiling wood beams and go up on the ledges for a sniping position and to access a room that you can't get to from the ground floor.
  • In the room with the four liches, if you helped Istvan, speak with the lich nearest to you -- the one dressed differently. Until you do, the others are not hostile. After you speak with him, he attacks the others and the others attack you and Istvan's father. When you kill the other three, Istvan's father also dies.

Area 3 - Crypt Shelves

When you enter, if you are quick, you can plant a Rope Arrow on the rafters high above to your right. Run-Jump onto the sarcophagus, then jump to grab the rope. Climb up and onto the ledge for a sniping position.

  • To the left of Lamontain's Crypt entrance, on the middle set of sarcophaguses, one of them sparkles as if there is a magic item to pick up. It is a book inside the sarcophagus and not accessible.
  • Lamontain's Crypt has a glowing square in the ground. It is a healing fountain, but harm you greatly (but won't kill you) unless you have purged Xana.
  • If you enter the Crypt and let the door close, some adversaries appear outside. Go up the rafters in Lamontain's Crypt and walk around the ledges to find a sniping position and a chest.

Area 4 - Skull of Shadows

Curiously, you can defeat Arantir and the bone dragon by running to stand between Arantir and the Altar. Block with the lightning shield. The bone dragon will vanish and Arantir's Sanctuary field will drop. Kill him quickly.

There are four endings depending on whether you kept Leanna or Xana, and whether you keep the Skull or give it to your father Kha-Beleth.

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