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Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Good Campaign - Mission 6 - Celduin

Battle for Middle Earth II - Good Campaign Mission 6 - Celduin
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth II. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth II posts here.

Proceed slowly. Try not to trigger the scripted combats before you are ready. Do you best to save archers, especially any Men of Dale with fire arrows as you will not have that upgrade available, and they are remarkably good at destroying structures. Also try to save at least one unit of Phalanxes although their use is specific to stopping the Mumakil that are coming.
In the northeast are two Corsair Bombardment Ships. Ignore them. If you try to take them out with your archers, you are more likely to lose the archers. They will not attack if you do not attack first, and they disappear later.
Just before the docks and hearth, there is an Inn. Your Command Points might be close to the limit, but hire whatever Men of Dale you can. You have very few archers, and when you reach the Docks, the new troops that join you there can push you over your Command Points and make it impossible to hire anything or build any ships. (Although ships are really only useful to grab the treasure at the far east. Most of the fighting happens inland anyway so don't bother with them.) After recruiting all the Men of Dale I could, once the forces at the docks joined my Command Points jumped to 1014/850.

At the docks, move your infantry out of the way; send some to capture buildings. Position your Phalanxes in front and in Porcupine and Guard stances to block the incoming Mumakil. The rest of that position should be King Dain and archers behind the Phalanxes to take down the Mumakil as quickly as possible. If you are hard pressed or if you have no Phalanxes to stop their advance, the Fear Arrows of the Men of Dale can repel a Mumakil briefly, although it may well return with a charge. Protect the Hearth at all costs. You will be notified once the Mumakil are all gone.

Across the shallows are catapults. These are actually not very dangerous if you can keep moving, which is tricky to do with a lot of troops. Go solo with Dain and keep him focussed on one catapult at a time. Follow up with Archers far back to support him if he gets in trouble and needs to retreat. Otherwise, he should do fine for some of the catapults. Only those at the north and south ends, supported by troops, will be tricky without giving King Dain any backup.

Clear the west coast from north to south. Destroy all structures on the perimeter of the fortress using fire arrow equipped Men of Dale. Watch for bombardment from the Fortress and retreat them if necessary. If you move too many troops around, too many will probably come under fire from the fotress, so use small teams or just one Battalion.
When you are ready, swarm the Fortress, preferably leading with Tom Bombadil summonned ahead. Shortly after the Fortress is destroyed you win, so don't worry about troops at this time.

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