Friday, April 1, 2011

Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Evil Campaign - Mission 1 - Lórien

Battle for Middle Earth II - Evil Campaign Mission 1 - Lórien
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth II. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth II posts here.

This is an easy and straightforward mission. Your goal should therefore be to level up your heroes to the maximum level of 4.

Ignore Haldir whenever he flees as he has a huge amount of Health in his early appearances and it is probably impossible to kill him before he flees.

It is easy to be drawn in and overwhelmed at the final battle. Instead, use your Giants to lure the enemy out. The fog of war is mostly lifted by then, so you can target Galadriel with their Bombard and she will rush in without support.

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