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War in the North - Sarn Ford, Barrow-Downs

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Sarn Ford, Barrow-Downs
This is one of our series of posts on Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthroughs and Cheats (exploits) for the Single Player campaign. For the index of all our posts, click here.

Sarn Ford
  • Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Bowmaster, Wanderer's Cap
    • Shoulders: Dragon-Fire
    • Chest: Adamant
    • Gloves: Marksman
    • Leggings: Bowmaster
  • The Barrow-Downs is two long hikes before any Town Portal. Because of the wide spaces, you can typically spot enemies from afar and might end up doing a lot of shooting, especially at Barrow-Wights. Try not to loot the small burial mounds (the stone piles) or any crates unless you are looking for ammo, since any ammo found after you are at capacity disappears. If you are at capacity, manually drop a stack of ammo (select "Give", then "Drop") so you can pick it up later.
  • Barrow-Wights: Andriel's Sanctuary can block the stones it hurls. Optionally, duck behind some sort of pillar (especially in the Tomb of Amon Gorthad). Kill the zombies it raises to free your allies to shoot, as they have unlimited ammo.
  • Sons of Cardolan Tombs:
    • The first two tombs are in a large field just after the first trolls and a narrow passage. On your left you will encounter the Second Tomb before you encounter the First Tomb on your right. If you clear the Second Tomb and Third Tomb first and/or leave the map and return via the Town Portal, you may not be able to enter the First Tomb. The farthest you can go is the glowing barrier that tells you to gather your party, but it won't change to "[E] Proceed".
  • Town Portal 1: Item Sets in Store: (Unless you happen to find Alliance boots as loot, this is the earliest you can complete the Alliance set)
    • Helmet: Adamant, Defender, Warlord
    • Shoulders: Warlord
    • Leggings: Bright Flame, War-Wise, Warlord
    • Boots: Alliance, Stronghold
  • Town Portal 2 (inside the Tomb of Amon Gorthad): Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Stalker
    • Chest: Marksman
    • Gloves: Stalker - can complete set
    • Leggings: Alliance
    • Boots: Bright Flame, Dragon-Fire, Stronghold
  • Luin: Follow him closely until you reach and clear the dead on the ramp up to the door to the final chamber. If you do not, or if you reload your game, he lays on the ground and will not follow to the next area.
  • Final boss Barrow-Wight:
    • This fight cycles in three stages: Zombie minions, Kilaren, Energy Pulses.
    • Kilaren can attack with Sweeping Attack and Crushing Wave, but is generally easily defeated. Because Luin is very aggressive, you can typically let him engage Kilaren while you stand off and shoot until Kilaren is vulnerable to a Critical Strike.
    • When the Barrow-Wight calls back Luin, retreat your party close behind a pillar. This will shield them from the green energy waves which cannot be dodged.

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