Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Modding Puzzle Quest 2

If you find Puzzle Quest 2 combat too hard and/or tedious, or if you have built your character the wrong way and don't want to replay from scratch, you can mod/cheat grotesquely to save some time.

General Modding
The basics of modding Puzzle Quest 2 is to unzip the Assets.zip file, change what you want, then zip it back up. The trick is in finding where to make the changes.

Monster Level
Monsters have a minimum and maximum level, and in general level up with you whenever possible, with a slight random factor variance. To change this, find the text file ..\Assets\Scripts\Monsters\Monsters.lua
The function SelectMonsterLevel calculates and returns the monster level. The final line (return monsterLevel) is all you need to change.

To make all monsters be at their minimum allowed level all the time, change this line to return def.minLevel.

To make all monsters level 1 all the time, change this line to return 1.

Monster Hit Points
Hit points are calculated in lines 257 to 269 in the text file ..\Assets\Scripts\Monsters\Monsters.lua. Monsters have a base Hit Point total and additional Hit Points per level.

To set all monsters to 1 Hit Point, change...

  • line 258 from hit_points_per_level = def.hitPointsPerLevel, to hit_points_per_level = 0, (remember the comma at the end)
  • line 260 from health = def.baseHitPoints, to health = 1,

Monster Move Intelligence

How cleverly monsters choose moves is calculated by the function RefreshMoveIntelligence on lines 40-57. in the text file ..\Assets\Scripts\Monsters\Monsters.lua. The key lines are at 48-54. You can theoretically make Easy even easier by changing the constants there. For example, you can change line 49 from move_intelligence = (monsterMoveIntelligence * 5) + 5 to move_intelligence = (monsterMoveIntelligence * 10) + 10

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