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War in the North - Nordinbad, Mirkwood

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Nordinbad, Mirkwood
This is one of our series of posts on Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthroughs and Cheats (exploits) for the Single Player campaign. For the index of all our posts, click here.

  • Galar: Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Adamant, Battlement
    • Shoulders: Alliance
    • Chest: War-Wise
    • Gloves: Adamant
    • Leggings: Stronghold
  • Galar also sells the Glede unique axe. Dual-wielding this is of particular significance to Eradan. See our notes on Eradan and Dual-Wielding.
    • Wulfrun
      • Rush him and dodge through his flames to get him to move out of his position and stop his bombardment. Andriel's Sanctuary can block the bolts, but she doesn't always throw that up, and he fires his bolts quite rapidly.
      • Basically this fight involves chasing him around. You will do it again later in the Gray Mountains with someone who looks awfully similar.
    • Orc Ambush
      • You are forewarned that you are walking into an ambush when you approach the empty camp, so keep that in mind.
      • When you kill one archer, orcs charge your position. Immediately retreat (run and call your allies to you with "Z") to draw them out a few at a time and to be away from the archers.
    • Looks for the Elf prisoner. If you free him, you can get a reward later.
    • Spiders
      • Stay close to your allies to make sure no one gets too swarmed.
      • If you are killing the small spiders before you can get a critical strike on them, attack the big ones first to get a critical strike and hero mode before wading through the small spiders.
    • Heart of the Web Town Portal: Item Sets in Store:
      • Leggings: Alliance
      • Boots: War-Wise
    • If you go back to Nordinbad from the Heart of the Web, you may find an area transition in Nordinbad that sends you to the cutscene/dialogue where you talk to the king. You already did this when you first came to Nordinbad from Gundabad. This oversight/bug appears only once and appears to be harmless.
      • Spider Queen:
        • If she is not chasing you, it is probably safest to kill her minions and then hit her at range until she grapples with an ally.
        • If you are using one-handed weapons, she is very hard to score a hit. You must more or less aim at her centre, the area between her head and her belly/tail. You can dodge INTO her and stand "inside" her and attack her that way.
        • Like Ettenmoor trolls, she can grapple an ally, which is great because you can rush in and score a lot of hits while she's busy that way.
        • If you stand too close behind her or underneath her belly, she has a funny attack in which she basically bounces her belly repeatedly to squash you.

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