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War in the North - Rivendell, Mount Gundabad

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Rivendell, Mount Gundabad
This is one of our series of posts on Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthroughs and Cheats (exploits) for the Single Player campaign. For the index of all our posts, click here.

  • When you have completed the Ettenmoors, the store inventory permanently changes. Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Warlord, Alliance
    • Shoulders: Alliance, Fell-Hunter
    • Gloves: Battle-Master
    • Leggings: War-Wise, Stronghold
    • Boots: Alliance
Mount Gundabad
  • At the first area transition to the wide ledge, there are two trolls and several orcs in the distance. Before you click the area transition, you can shoot at the trolls when they come closer to try to draw one troll at a time. If you pass the area transition, you tend to draw both trolls plus all orcs. Farin says "back to back, don't let them get behind" but this is generally impossible to do especially since standing still means you'll get pasted by a troll..
  • There are some big bare-chested orcs with big sledgehammers. Once you score a critical hit on them, for several seconds they are completely vulnerable because they just stand still and roar -- this animation lasts much longer than the actual stun duration from a critical strike/brutal hit.
  • There is a cutscene of several large orcs advancing on your position. They will actually stand still after the cutscene. You can draw them out one at a time by shooting the one furthest in front, then retreating your party.
  • The first cave you come to has the Mithril needed for Arwen's quest, but you need Farin to access the hidden chamber to get it.
  • Town Portal 1: (before bridge to ice troll cave): Item Sets in Store:
    • Chest: Adamant, War-Wise
    • Gloves: War-Wise
    • Leggings: Bright-Flame
    • Boots: Stalker
  • Bridge:
    • If you cannot pass the area transition, there may be an orc on the bridge beyond. There is a drop that it cannot climb over (and neither can you, once you pass it) so you need to shoot any orcs there until the area transition is active.
  • Snow Troll Cave:
    • There are two in the cave and they slowly come to your position. Two ways to handle this:
      • Shoot the first one repeatedly till you set it up for a critical strike, then rush in and hit it with a heavy attack (which will stagger it). Use powers to quickly kill it before the second reaches your position.
      • If you end up having to handle both, draw one or both from your companions by dodging past them into the cave then attacking them until they turn and follow you.
  • Town Portal 2
    • Helmet: Marksman
    • Shoulders: Alliance
    • Chest: Battle-Master, Bright-Flame
    • Gloves: Battle-Master
    • Boots: Bright-Flame, Marksman
  • Once inside Gundabad, watch out for some long corridors with drops (so you can't walk back)
    • Sometimes one or both companions will rush ahead to engage enemies and if you follow, you can't go back to open chests or crates you left behind.
    • Sometimes you can go ahead, but one or both companions won't follow and will stay on the ledge, leaving you alone in combat.
  • After Gundabad, you can return to Bree and Sarn Ford for new dialogue, but no new quests.

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