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War in the North - Rivendell, Ettenmoors

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Rivendell, Ettenmoors
This is one of our series of posts on Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthroughs and Cheats (exploits) for the Single Player campaign. For the index of all our posts, click here.

  • Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Alliance, Warlord
    • Gloves: Battle-Master, Bright-Flame
    • Leggings: Adamant, War-Wise
  • Some of the best weapons appear at this time. Reload the store a few times to find them. Look for Thunderbolt, which has x1.4 bonus damage against trolls; and for one-handed Elf Smith Swords (138 damage, x1.4 versus orcs).
  • Before you finish the Ettenmoors, make sure you have bought everything you want here, because the store will change once you return from defeating Bargrisar in the Ettenmoors.
  • Angmir has a quest you must trigger by asking him what he is working on. After you finish the Ettenmoors, Bilbo has a new quest. Everyone else has more or less straightforward quests.
  • Starting here there are two types of dangerous warrior orcs: Dual wielders and shield-bearers.
    • Against the dual-wielders, you MUST block or you will continually be unbalanced by the dual-wielders. Each time you block, they are briefly staggered and you can counterattack, dodge, or move.
    • Both types are better engaged by waiting for them to attack a companion, then hit them unopposed from behind till you can critical-hit.
  • High Moors Town Portal:
    • From here, you can keep re-doing the area -- including collecting quest gems.
    • Item Sets in Store:
      • Helmet: Stalker
      • Shoulders: Stronghold, Dragon-Fire
      • Leggings: Alliance
      • Boots: Adamant
  • After the High Moors Town Portal, you go through two long caves/tunnels. The second ends in a fork where there is a secret for Andriel, a left turn into a troll lair, and a right turn to the exit (to Stone Chasm). The troll lair is optional, but if you clear it, you can reach a golden chest that typically has a unique weapon.
  • Stone Chasm Town Portal: Item Sets in Store:
    • Helmet: Stalker
    • Shoulders: Dragon-Fire
    • Leggings: Alliance, Stalker
    • Boots: Adamant
  • Bargrisar:
    • The fight with Bargrisar proceeds in stages, but you might not be able to reach every stage.
      • Initially you have to attack his legs. Farin's Abundant Harm skill allows him to actually hit both legs at the same time. Once you land a Critical Strike on a leg, he drops and you attack his arms. Try to focus on one leg to set it up for a Critical Strike.
      • Next you attack either arm until you can land a Critical Strike. If you fail to do that, he gets up and you start with the legs all over again. You are still hurting him, but more slowly.
      • If you can land a Critical Strike on his arms, he bends down further and you can now attack his head and without fear of counterattack. From here, if you can keep it up, you can just whittle him down to zero health and he is defeated.
    • Be sure to collect any treasure here before clicking to Proceed after killing Bargrisar because the cutscene and conversation will end in you being transported to Rivendell.

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