Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Witcher - Talents - Axii

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Axii is used to mind-control a target at a safe distance so that your enemies can fight amongst themselves and thereby thin their own ranks.

  • You do not get XP when an enemy kill something.
  • At closer distances, there are many other more useful spells than controlling a single target as a distraction (and one that won't last long if there are many enemies about), and therefore spending Talents on Axii is redundant or and inferior choice.
  • Where Axii can shine is in controlling a powerful enemy, but that situation is really too rare to count on.
  • On top of these difficulties, in late Chapter 5 till the end of the game, numerous enemies are outright immune.
  • The Axii power-up is an area-effect Fear, but you can do the same more conveniently with a bomb or with Agni and the appropriate subskill.

Overall, I recommend giving the entire Axii skill tree a pass.

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