Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Witcher - Epilogue

Click here for a list of all our walkthrough posts for The Witcher (Enhanced Edition).

Because there is already an official Enhanced Edition walkthrough from CD Projekt RED and an extensive database at The Witcher Wiki, we will only be touching on aspects of the game that are not documented there in-depth, or that you may not have thought about doing.

Decision-consequence videos are at the end.

  • The Epilogue is pretty linear and boring. There are still a few decisions to be made, and they can affect The Witcher 2 if you import the save game. If you don't plan to, then you can sort of do what you like, and you can see that in the grand scheme of things, your choices didn't really make that big a difference in how the story unfolded.
  • The road to finally meeting Jacques has a bunch of easy fights. It's really more about the dialogues and people you encounter.
  • This is the only time you will probably need potions because he wears you down and heals, and because of this, you can't use attrition with spells because your Endurance recovery isn't really fast enough.
  • Use Swallow for insurance, Tawny Owl for Endurance, Quen and Yrden until the Omens are dead. Then Yrden in between you and Jacques until you kill him with Igni.
  • If you want to be less cheap, concentrate on killing the Omens as they come into the circle as they enter one at a time. If you concentrate on Jacques, you'll get swarmed. If you have Quen, you don't have to worry at all and let Yrden kill the Omens, which seem quite vulnerable to Yrden traps. Remember that you can lay a Yrden trap without dropping your Quen shield.
  • It did not seem possible to tear off Jacques's shield with an axe.
King of the Wild Hunt
  • Easier than Jacques because there is room to move. Still too boring to slowly kill him with melee, so use the same Yrden-Igni combo as recommended against Jacques.

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