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Grail Quest's Dawn of War II Convenience Mod

GQ Dawn of War II (and Chaos Rising) mod
download: version 2013-April-9
Requires the Chaos Rising expansion.

This mod includes various conveniences for gameplay, as well as variants adjusting the difficulty settings for various reasons. Full changelog is below and also in a text file.

.The default version is gqDOW2CR.module and the directory gqDOW2CR\
.The gqDOW2CR_x100Health.module and the directory gqDOW2CR_x100Health\ is a general purpose tester module where all units that are marked "ally" (including your squads) have x100 normal health. Sample uses:
.Test powers and builds
.Compare armor loadouts
.Quickly re-play missions and jumpstart your campaign to an advanced state
.Quickly re-play a mission because your game crashed mid-save
.The gqDOW2CR_Normalized.module and the directory gqDOW2CR_Normalized\ changes difficulty settings so that all difficulties are the same as Normal Difficulty
.The gqDOW2CR_God.module and the directory gqDOW2CR_God\ changes difficulty settings so that enemies have x0.1 normal health and allies have x100 health; all settings are relative to their difficulty level.

(1) Extract the .module file and the directory of the same name to the DOW2CR directory
(2) Prepare a shortcut with target command line that tells the game to load the mod. E.g., ...\DOW2CR\DOW2.exe -modname "gqDOW2CR_x100Health"

>Mid-Mission Saves activated for Space Marines campaign
FILE campaign\space_marines\campaign_description.lua
.enabled (buggy) mid-mission saves by changing this variable from "false" to "true"
can_be_saved = true

>Skill Respec button activated for Space Marines campaign
FILE campaign\space_marines\missions\ss1_sep1.lua, function ss1_sep1.OnComplete()
.line added to enable the skill respec button
Campaign_SetUIVisibility( UIV_InventoryRespecButtonPing, true ) -- GQ - this line is copied from the DOW2CR mission x01_arrival.lua; it activates the skill respec button

>Skill Respec button not deactivated for Chaos Rising campaign
FILE campaign\xp1\missions\x03_librarian.lua, function x03_librarian.OnComplete()
.line disabled to prevent losing the respec button
Campaign_SetUIVisibility( UIV_InventoryRespecButtonPing, false )

>Give some inventory items right away in Space Marines single player campaign
.FILE campaign\space_marines\default_profile\inventory.lua
.List includes all known valid unique items that appear in the Space Marine campaign and Chaos Rising campaign, but most of them are commented out
.Use this to get item pathnames for spawning an item in-game using the console; or edit it to add items you want to start with in the campaign
.Chaos Rising items are apparently usable in Space Marine campaign and some may be equipped due to reduced level requirements
.Probably safe to use, but no guarantee
.The chaos/corruption system is apparently not enabled for the Space Marine campaign
.Wargear Drop Codes: [BbPCSMXx]
[B]oss, Mini-[b]oss, [P]lanet Boss (only 1 item has this code)
[C]haff (pre-placed enemies), [S]warm (enemies spawned during a mission, such as from Waaagh! Banners)
[M]ission Reward
[X] does not drop normally - usually dropped or given in a script, a scripted reward for a particular mission, or possibly not used anywhere or not meant to be used
[x]13dropped (a Chaos Rising situation)
.Most items in the Space Marine campaign are [BCM] (if not indicated) for green, [BM] for blue.
.If all [B] unique items are already in inventory, a boss will drop nothing.
.White items are [CS] in Space Marines campaign and [C] in Chaos Marine campaign (White items are generally not in this list).
.In this file, all items that do not have [b], [C], [S], or [X] drop codes are automatically given in the Space Marine campaign as they are too rare to expect to drop:
.[B] is for mission bosses, and [M] is for mission reward, but both of these instances compete with all other uniques that are typically [BCM]
.Master-Crafted Grenades are automatically given as it is too rare a drop
.Some white items are given to make sure the player has something in that category
.All items that have the word "exclusive" or "coop" in the name are also automatically given in the Space Marine campaign
.Items in the bonus_package_1 directory can drop during the game (unless it has no designated drop code), so they are not automatically given unless they qualify based on the conditions stated above

>Enabled expendable items (such as skill books) from Chaos Rising in the Space Marines campaign
this does nothing unless you also console in some items to use with it
FILE campaign\space_marines\campaign_description.lua
.added this line to allow expendable items from Chaos Rising
expendables_enabled = true

>Slight change to drop rates
FILE simulation\attrib\tuning\tuning_info.rbf
.Drop rates changed: 1f = 100% chance of a model dropping gear
mini_boss from 0.04 to 1
.Probably only has an effect in Chaos Rising since this parameter did not exist in DOW2.

>Expanded XP sharing radius to 100x normal
.XP Sharing Radius changed for campaign:
.line 2746 starts the section for campaign XP information
.line 3462: changed from 50f to 5000f
sharing_radius: 5000f

>Expanded limited use item stacking limits
DIRECTORY gameattrib.sga\simulation\attrib\slot_item\campaign\playable\race_marine\
.Definitions of items are in gameattrib.sga\simulation\attrib\wargear\... RBF files, and the initial count of uses is set there. The maximum stack size is set in gameattrib.sga\simulation\attrib\slot_item\campaign\playable\... RBF files. There is a "can_stack_max" value.
.Unless otherwise indicated, this has been changed from 5 to 50.
sm_cyclone_missile_launcher_barrage.rbf - 4 to 50
sm_cyclone_missile_launcher_for_terminator.rbf - 2 to 50
sm_frag_grenade_veteran.rbf - Master-Crafted Grenades
sm_medkit_medpack.rbf - Stimpack
sm_promethium_bomb.rbf - Immolate (Cyrus flamer ability)
sm_satchel_charge.rbf - Demolition Charge Pack

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