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The Witcher - Chapter 3 - Vizima Trade Quarter

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Because there is already an official Enhanced Edition walkthrough from CD Projekt RED and an extensive database at The Witcher Wiki, we will only be touching on aspects of the game that are not documented there in-depth, or that you may not have thought about doing.
Decision-consequence videos are at the end.
  • Merchant that sells gifts in the market area can give advice on what to give Prostitutes and the Clerkwoman in City Hall.
  • Random "Townsman" gives the book "Physiologus".
  • Random "Armoured Guardsman" talks about Kikimore Workers.
  • Random "Noblewoman" (in red dress?) who asks for a "piece of a monster" wants a kikimore's claw in exchange for sex.
    • Don't talk to any Noblewomen until you have a kikimore claw. Otherwise you will have to find the particular one you spoke with. Instead, have a claw ready so that when you find the one who will talk to you, you can give her a claw right away.
    • Kikimore Workers spawn in the Trade Quarter frequently at night, or in the Nonhuman District of the Temple Quarter (go the end around the corner where there is a iron-barred door).
  • Random "Noblewoman" (in white?) is looking for her silk scarf. Peddler in the Temple Quarter sells them.
  • "Merchant" near the Bookseller has a message and some dialogue.
  • The Butcher speaks candidly about politicals.
  • Bard - An unnamed bard in the merchant area will speak with Geralt once. If Geralt agrees to pay 20 orens, the Bard promises to compose a song if Geralt will reveal his name. There are four options for a name, but only "Siegfried" results in a song.
  • The Innkeeper in the New Narakort can be paid for gossip three times. You have to leave and re-enter the Inn each time. In one dialogue he gives you the formula for Dragon's Dream.
  • A Townswoman in the New Narakort wants Cow's Milk or beer in exchange for monster information - Basilisk, Wyvern, Archespore.
  • Unlike the Temple District, you do not automatically switch to combat-capable mode at night. You need to click on an enemy to change to combat mode, or an enemy needs to target you.
  • The most dangerous creatures here are the Royal Wyverns and Kikimore Warriors.
    • Both can be stunned with Aard, but generally only when their health is very low or if you have enhanced your Aard with a Ritual of Magic.
    • You can wear them down with Igni and luring them to walk over Yrdens. Both are extremely dangerous in melee as a hit can typically take off 15%-20% or more of your Vitality, and inflict a Knockdown. Hit reactions are so short that they can typically hit you before or during your attack chain, and without corresponding animation.
[A Posh Reception]
  • Delay this quest if you want to do both [Echoes of Yesterday] and [Six Feet Under]. You can enter the Inn, but do not go upstairs.
  • When you are discovered taking the scroll from the chest, you can offer a drink. If you offer a beer, it is rejected but nothing happens and you don't have to end up drunk.
[Beauty and the Beast]

[Dandelion's Lute]
> [The Lute]
  • In order to get the sex card in this quest, you MUST get this quest from Dandelion, and you MUST out-drink him to get the story.
> [The Concert]
  • After you return the lute, he can play Poker with you.
  • The "Concert" happens after you exit the Inn and re-enter any time between 8pm and midnight. If you re-enter the Inn outside those hours, Dandelion has an audience, but is only warming up. You can click on him to cycle through his warm-up dialogues.
[Dice Poker: The Sharper]
  • The Gambling Den isn't populated with gamblers till around 1.30pm.
  • If you help the elves in [Gold Rush], Velerad will not gamble with you. You can try to see Velerad before [Gold Rush] by leaving the New Narakort before [A Posh Reception] ends. When Trish tells you to speak with Leuvaarden, all the other guests leave and Velerad resumes his regular schedule. Delay speaking with Leuvaarden and instead leave the Inn.
[Echoes of Yesterday]
  • You can do both this quest and [Six Feet Under] by finishing them both before completing [A Posh Reception]. You are not meant to be able to do this because [A Posh Reception] is supposed to be done on the same evening of the day you first arrive in Trish's apartment.
[Following the Thread]
> [The Supplier]
  • If you give the correct password, you cannot make the guards hostile anymore. After you get the evidence from the drug den, they disappear. If you give the wrong password and they fight you, they are probably worth less XP (probably around 200 XP each, depending on your level) than giving the correct password (500 XP).
> [Gellert Bleinheim]
  •  As soon as you pick up the scroll you need, the City Guard raid the crypt. When all assassins are dead, they leave; you might not even see them if you are busy elsewhere. To kill all the assassins yourself, clear the crypt before picking up the scroll.
[Six Feet Under]
  • You can do both this quest and [Echoes of Yesterday] by finishing them both before completing [A Posh Reception]. You are not meant to be able to do this because [A Posh Reception] is supposed to be done on the same evening of the day you first arrive in Trish's apartment.
  • The Vetala cutscene in the graveyard can trigger while hostiles continue to attack you. Advance slowly until you trigger the cutscene. You will not automatically talk to Vetala until you are closer.
  • For an easier time, clear the crypt before speaking with Vetala.
[The Unforgiven]
  • The chapter finale is VERY rigidly scripted. Don't try to do anything clever.
  • When you attack the Salamandra, endless Salamandra reinforcements arrive periodically. If you delay opening the gate, you will need to clear them so that you are not in combat and can trigger the gate. You MUST open the gate or you cannot continue with the heavily scripted Chapter ending.
  • The Professor
    • Move forward slowly and plant a Yrden. Some Salamandra minions will magically appear. Kill them first, refresh your Yrden trap, then advance on the Professor.
    • The Kikimore Warriors are sort of disinterested (or can't walk past the Workers) unless you are very close. Cast Quen, draw a weapon, and get out immediately so you won't get cornered by the warriors. There appears to be a gap near the lab equipment but you cannot fit through it. Ignore the Warriors as your Alzur's Shield will probably kill the Professor before you can kill even one of them. Focus on The Professor to advance the story.
  • Kikimore Queen - You could kill it if it weren't scripted to be impossible since Igni and Poison both work on percentages. if you do use these spells, you can watch the Queen take damage in the range of several hundred (400+) but here Vitality won't drop below a certain percentage. If you try to fight it, you will just get trapped and not be able to complete the dramatic sequence that the developers intended. Your Endurance is restored at various checkpoints so that you can do what the scripts need you to do.
  • When you run past certain points or do certain things, some kikimores disappear. It is best to simply avoid them and advance the story.
  • In the tunnel, you must stop to kill the Kikimore Workers so that you can loot the body there for a Moon Rune. However, there are five more available in the game during Chapters 4 and 5.
  • Since the Queen starts by tunneling and leaving you alone, you can just sit there until all your health recovers before moving on to do the run for the exit.

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