Friday, February 22, 2013

Company of Heroes - Normandy Campaign - Mission 1 - Omaha Beach

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This is basically a tutorial mission since you get unlimited squads. The only non-replaceable unit is the single Sniper you must rescue from the beach.

Phase 1 - Reach the Shingle
Ignore the instruction to use cover and just grab as many units as you can, and click anywhere along the shingle line. This hurries up this part of the mission and also works better in terms of overall casualty count, since there are only so many heavy machine guns and cannons, none of which you can take out at this time. They can't shoot at everyone at the same time, but they can target the unit you are moving. By moving everyone at once, you are guaranteed to save most of them since no one is a static target and most of them are not under fire.

For the sniper, camouflage him and move him, away from other troops clumps since those are more likely to draw artillery.

For the engineer squad, you may have to use cover because you need that specific squad to make it to the shingle.

Once at the shingle, units are immune to damage. The enemy placements are also immune to damage and cannot be sniped.

Phase 2 - Bunker
Ignore the instructions to grenade the heavy machineguns. Instead, move your troops back and to cover. Wait for the sniper to come under your command and have him behind a squad of riflemen taking cover in the crater where the barbed wire was blown. Snipe all the heavy machine gun nests and all enemies, then walk up to the bunker and blow it. You cannot snipe the enemies inside the bunker.

Do not let your sniper take too much (or any) damage. You cannot get a replacement, and he is invaluable for giving you an easy time on this mission, unless you just like the carnage of throwing squads at the enemy and winning with brute force.

Phase 3 - Eastern territory
There is a squad at the shingle to the southwest. You can move them over for extra bodies to help you.
Take your time here to get units under cover and preferably supporting each other. Control your sniper to take out priority targets such as heavy machine gun nests. Do not advance too far against HMG nests as squads can get outflanked easily. Instead, use them from behind hard cover to spot for your sniper.
Control the trench with a squad with a light machine gun, and once that is secured, blow the bunker.

Phase 4 - Clear beach
Before destroying both cannons, kill all enemies on the map and destroy all bunkers to clear the beach for the Expert Infantryman medal.

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