Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Company of Heroes: Carentan Counterattack

Company of Heroes: Normandy Campaign, Mission 4: Carentan Counterattack
Expert Difficulty, Bronze Medal

Cheesy easy way to win AND get the Bronze Medal for 350 casualty points:
  1. Mine every square inch of every territory you control before ending Mission 3. Use the console command setsimrate to accelerate the game so you can get resources quickly in order to do this.
  2. At the start of Mission 4, withdraw all units to the Church and wait for Able Company. You don't have a to lift a finger to defend the church as the Axis can't get even close.
  • It appears that they have some units magically appear in the east side even if they haven't made it across the bridges. Whether the Axis can see the waterfront or not, it also seems that at 9 minutes left, they artillery strike the waterfront; and at 6 minutes left they demolish the Town Hall with a second artillery strike.
  • Notice that some of the Axis infantry are remarkably hardy against your mines and chew up a lot of them while randomly crawling about Pinned or running around on the map. You can see this in action around 6 minutes into the video when they rush for a strategic point. Therefore it is important to plant mines everywhere, even off-road.
  • Having barbed wire around the strategic points also seems to attract Pioneers (Axis engineers). This may be the reason that they don't appear later on the bridges with mine detectors.
  • Note that the game in this video footage has been accelerated with the setsimrate console command, and runs approximately twice as fast.

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