Friday, February 22, 2013

Company of Heroes - Normandy Campaign - Mission 4 - Carentan Counterattack

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This tough mission has endlessly respawning enemies. They respawn only when you kill a squad, however. But to get the Bronze Medal, you will need to kill fast.

If you are playing this map by continuing from Mission 3, at the start of Mission 4, the game will make an AutoSave for this mission. Do NOT erase that. If you do and you restart Mission 4, you will have only basic troops scripted for this mission instead of units held over from Mission 3 plus any changes and preparations to the map made there.

The enemy is scripted to come from three approaches, but first and mainly from the north (the red enemy quadrant). They will drift over the capture any strategic points before going to the bridges.

Prior to v2.602, enemies could also magically appear in the east side of the city.

If you mined every inch of territory you could capture in Chapter 3, on Expert Difficulty they should be able to just reach you in the Church GQ, without you having to fight them or defend anything. AND you will also get the Bronze Medal.

Some Veteran units (like Snipers) in this mission can be called in Mission 5, but costs more resources.

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