Friday, February 22, 2013

Company of Heroes - Normandy Campaign - Mission 2 - Vierville

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This is basically a tutorial mission since you get so much manpower.
  • The only non-replaceable unit is the single Sniper you can get in the north territory.
  • You will get messages about squads already attacking AT guns. They will die if you do not pause the game and move them. If you play in real-time, you will probably lose a lot of them, if not the entire squad. Move them out of sight range of the enemy, such as behind some thick foliage.
  • Whenever you capture a strategic point, expect enemies to magically appear out of nowhere (typically from behind bushes) and head to your position.
  • AA gun crews will not attack you.
Phase 1 - Follow Instructions until the Road Patrol is clear
Note that if you drop the paratroopers at the location indicated by the mission, if they aren't wildly off, you can grenade the machine gun nest immediately. If not, you get more cover for your approach if you drop them behind the barn or on the road and behind the wall. While they are coming, keep an eye on your initial squads as they have a tendency to drift from behind cover and get pinned by HMG fire.

Phase 2 - AT Gun
To increase your sight range, grab one of the AT guns from the southeast corner territory. AT guns have a longer sight range than heavy machine guns. There is also a pile of ammunition here that you can take to increase your munitions if you didn't blow it up during the fight to take this area.

Phase 3 - Get a mortar
Move up the east side of the map until you find a plane wreck. Grab at least 1 mortar there to help you clear machine-gun nests and to fight enemy mortars. There are only a couple of enemy mortar teams, but they are a pain to take down without snipers. Mortars are the second-best option (see our tips on taking out mortars).

Phase 4 - Get a sniper
From the north edge, head west until capturing a strategic point causes a sniper to emerge and join you. Arrange your force to hold ground while the sniper goes ahead to assassinate mortar crews and machine-gun crews. Whenever possible, spot for the sniper using other units that are close to the enemy but with thick foliage in between to obscure them.

Phase 5 - Mine the road
Before capturing the last AA gun, extensively mine the northeast corner so that you can stop the incoming enemy convoy without a lot of frantic work.

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