Friday, November 2, 2012

WarTune Tips - Tutorial

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version by 7th Road  It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about optimizing your time in the Tutorial. Click here for our review and list of tips.

You may be wondering why we are bothering with what is basically a tutorial for a tutorial. There are in fact a lot of things that may not occur to you to do or not do, and we'll go through them here.
  • This is not part of the official tutorial walkthrough -- Free Gifts. Get it here.
  • If you open the chest that has the 2-hour VIP trial, but are not ready to use that two hours, you can close your browser window and reload the server. This should result in the VIP trial voucher sitting idly in your inventory until you use it.
  • After doing the guided quest to capture 2 mines, look around the map for a higher-level mine. You can only hold two mines, so to release one, either go back to your Town Hall and click the "x" to release a mine, or click on your own mine and click the "x" button that shows, asking if you really want to release that resource.
    • If you get moved to the Autaric Plains, you lose both mines. Depending on the level of your troops, you will probably be able to easily capture level 20 mines on the Autaric Plains.
    • There is a separate quest that requires you to capture 2 mines. If you already have two, release one and attack it again to recapture it. You can do this twice but the quest will think you captured two mines, and announce the quest as complete.
  • After attacking one of the NPC cities, you might as well attack the other. If for some reason you still haven't moved to the Autaric Plains, you can check back to see if the city protection timer has expired, then raid them yet again.
  • Try to quickly advance through the quests until you kill Wulfgar, because that quest completion starts the stay-logged-in timer that gives you rewards for staying logged in at that point. The Vouchers you can get from it are critical to getting the 395 Vouchers needed to get a second Construction crew.
  • Until level 11, your hero's HP is automatically restored to full after every fight, so if you are able to soak the damage, you might as well put your hero in front.
    • After that, you will need a Health Potion. You can buy one at any time, but there is a quest to Energize your Friends' trees that will get you potions every day. Try to do that quest first before you get into any fights when you are level 11+.
  • The Baylon Plains includes a Hunter's Cache defended by level 9 Huntera that are significantly tougher than Tauren of an equal level. You will probably need troops of Level 6+ to clear the cache, but level 8-9 Lancers will typically do quite well.
    • You can upgrade your troops without being in your city, but you cannot upgrade your Barracks unless you exit the dungeon and are back in the city.
    • If you find you just can't do it, don't exit the map and waste the 20 Stamina you used to enter the map. Just try to finish it and come back with upgraded troops.
  • The enchanting quest forces you to enchant your staff at least once. You need to enchant something to level 3, but it needn't be the same staff. Choose something you think will be worn for a long time, and enchant that to level +3. You must enchant a single item to +3, not simply do 3 enchantments.

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