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WarTune Tips - Daily Devotions

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version by 7th Road  It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about Time Management as it relates to Daily Devotions (1.45 update, 2012-Nov-15)  Click here for our review and list of tips.

A Game Day starts at 0500h (5 hours after the Tree of Life reset), and typically as soon as people log on, they grab their free Bullhorns and type some inane message in World Chat to quickly get 5 Devotion points. I recommend you instead STOP and think about what you are doing instead of doing mindless things. Also, always check your Bounties before doing any Daily Devotions since you might have a bounty that asks for the same thing (e.g., Enchanting) and you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Daily Devotions get you stuff at 10, 40, 80, and 95 points. If you are in between, you don't get anything. So separate your Daily Devotions into what you can do quickly ("Quick" items), what you can do whenever you want ("Solo" items), and what you need others to do with you ("Cooperative" items). Decide whether you can or will be able to do the items in that last category. Use the items in the previous two categories to "top up" your points toward the Devotion tiers that will actually net you something.
100 points is the maximum Devotion you can get each day, but rewards end at 95 Devotion.

QUICK (+50)
  • +5 - Login
    • Automatically done for you and qualifies you to get Bullhorns.
  • +5 - Contribute any amount to your guild
  • +5 - Perform two Guild Blessings
    • There is a Daily Quest that requires you do only one. Do the other one only if you can't make 95 points any other way, or unless you consistently get good items from the altar in exchange for 20,000 gold.
  • +5 - Speak in World Chat
    • You get free Bullhorns every day, so this is easy to do. Those horns are 300gp a piece, so if you are cash-strapped you could potentially sell them -- therefore, I recommend against just wasting them on inane pronouncements.
  • +5 - Capture an Astral
    • You can capture one for free each day. It is otherwise a minimum of 4,000 gold for the lowest-tiered Astral, plus you need 20,000 gold on hand (otherwise you will get a message that you do not have enough gold reserves).
  • +5 - Complete 3 Daily quests
    • Some here are really easy, such as harvesting your own Tree of Life, doing a Guild Altar spin, or Harvesting a resource.
  • +5 - Enter the Altar of Ennoblement
    • You don't have to stay to gain any Stamina here -- you just have to start the process.
  • +5 - Harvest - Harvest 1 of your own crops
  • +5 - Visit Farm - Help on 1 friend's farm 1 time
  • +5 - Spend Balens/Vouchers
    • The easiest way to spend Vouchers is to either accelerate a cooldown, or buy a row of inventory.
      • Be stingy with inventory space if you can. You can typically prune your gear down and sell anything you don't commonly use, such as weak runes and potions.
      • You can also stack items of the same type if one stack is Bound but the other is Unbound.
    • The minimum required to accelerate a cooldown is 5 Vouchers, and typically that is for a 10-minute or less cooldown period.
      • Note that for the Quest where you have to accelerate a building cooldown a certain number of times, that ONLY applies with construction, not just any cooldown counter. Also check to make sure the end reward exceeds your voucher expenditure.
    • Once you can upgrade your Farm, you will want to start saving your Vouchers for that (since it costs a LOT), so this Devotion will probably drop off your list for achieving 95 points. Upgrading your Farm costs a LOT of vouchers.
SOLO (+30)
  • +5 - Complete a Solo Dungeon
  • +5 - Plunder a quarry
    • You don't need to take someone else's mine (a very rude thing to do), just capture any mine. You can even release one of your own mines and recapture it.
    • Since mines have a 12-hour expiration, you will typically capture mines 4 times a day anyway.
  • +5 - Plunder another player
    • This can take time in terms of finding someone to attack on the World Map. See our hints on Plundering.
    • If you are actually desperately short on time, you can just attack anyone since you don't have to win. (For the Daily Quest, you DO have to win).
    • Preferably you can do this early in your session, before you level up since you can't attack anyone more than 9 levels below your own, so levelling up reduces your available targets.
  • +5 - Challenge 10 players in the Solo Arena
    • If you are trying to keep your rank low in the Solo Arena, this can take an extremely long time while you are hoping to get matched with an opponent of a rank you like. Otherwise, the only time-consuming part of this Devotion is the 10-minute cooldown -- just waiting for that cooldown to end, you need to wait 90 minutes for 10 fights.
  • +5 - Enter the Forgotten Catacombs
    • You don't actually have to fight anything here, just enter the Catacombs. So if you are short on time, you can just do that.
    • You get to enter once daily for free, so you might as well be prepared to run the catacombs as deeply as you can with that free daily entry.
  • +5 - Complete 5 Bounty quests
If you do all the Solo and Independent items, you only need to do three here.
  • +5 - Complete a Multiplayer Dungeon
    • If you are about 10 levels higher than the dungeon, you can probably solo it just fine, and that still counts toward your total. You won't get great drops, but you also don't have to wait for anyone else to join up with either.
  • +5 - Complete three Group Arena Fights
    • Group Arena is open at 1pm and 7pm.
    • If you are having problems getting into a room, create your own room and just wait for people to come. Typically, no matter what your Battle Rating, someone will join just to participate in the Group Arena.
    • There is no penalty for losing -- the minimum you get is 5 Insignia for losing (increased from 1 after the 1.45 patch on Nov-15/2012), so there is no downside to participating. Just for showing up and doing the minimum 5 for your Daily Quest will net you 10 insignias. Some people do "naked arena" -- they take off all their gear to lose as quickly as possible and keep collecting insignias quickly and with no effort and no expenditure of resources.
  • +5 - Participate in a World Boss fight
    • World Bosses show up at 11am, 4pm, and 10pm. You need to do just one, but for the Daily Quest, you will probably need to do two to get in the total of 20 engagements.
  • +5 - Enter the BattleGround event - you can exit immediately if you like

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