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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Mask of the Betrayer - Part 1

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Mask of the Betrayer - Walkthrough Part 1 - Act I, Act II - Barrows, Mulsantir, Shadow Mulsantir, Okku's Army

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Mask of the Betrayer). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Expansions.

Lower Barrow

Middle Barrow
  • Orglash - The air spirit Orglash has a high armor class, which makes it a good blocker when you summon it to your aid. It doesn't have to fight well -- just keep the opponent too busy to attack your more vulnerable companions.
  • Imaskari Forge - You get a +3 Enchantment weapon based on your character's skills. If you have enough Spellcraft, you can use it to impress Safiya and gain lots of Influence here.
  • Imaskari Golem - When you get to Mulsantir, it dies, and you apparently get XP for the "kill".
Upper Barrow
  • Telthor Leg Bone - All characters can use clubs. This is therefore a good weapon for Safiya as the Ethereal Jaunt power can get her out of trouble in a hurry.
Mulsantir (before Okku's Army)
  • Everywhere: Look for "Dirt Piles" and barrels with incredibly good loot strewn about like trash. We mention some of the trickier places in this article.
  • Azim - Buy stacks of Fairy Dust and process it with a mortar and pestle into Essences. They cost peanuts but the Essences are worth hundreds or thousands, depending on what you end up with. It is random, so it will be useful to buy them in powers of 2, so that you can use the Alembic to combine them to Radiant. Radiant Essences cannot be further combined. You may have found a Blue Diamond by now, so you can make at least one weapon with Enchantment +5.
  • Shelvedar will go into The Sloop and no longer becomes a merchant once you finish at the Veil and talk to the three Witches.
  • Safiya will tell you she should change out of her robes into her disguise, but this isn't actually necessary. In certain areas, however, she will forcibly change to her disguise and you cannot manually put her red robes back on.
Mulsantir - Sloop
  • Fyldrin
    • This can be a tough fight too early without good gear, but Fyldrin is DC 20 and worth a nice chunk of XP, plus he has tons of gold and nice armor. There's a table against the wall nearby, with a chair that blocks off the other end. You can jam Safiya inside and block the way with your main character (after they use the Shadow Shield power from the Skin of Shadow on themselves). This makes it hard to be Sneak Attacked and pulls all the pirates close for a good pounding from Safiya's magic. The archer will step out of lingering area effects, so make things hard for him with Bigby's Interposing Hand and deal with him last.
    • Be protective of Safiya in the initial conversation for +11 Influence with her, but a fight right away.
    • After the fight, if you pay Zorah, you can pickpocket the fine back from her. The fine is 500 + 100 per chair destroyed.
  • Shelvedar (appears a bit later) has 3,000 gp which can be stolen from him.

Mulsantir - The Veil Theatre
  • Look very carefully for traps on doors and containers in any Shadow World setting -- They show up as a light rose colour and can be hard to see, especially on smaller items.
  • There is a barrel with loot behind the Theatre.
  • First Red Wizard - You must pass at least 1 Intimidation check in order to avoid this fight for 1000 xp. Killing everything definitely nets less than that, but you will also not get any treasure.
    • At these levels, the XP difference isn't great, so I would go for loot (to sell).
    • Despite the urgency of the events, you can rest afterwards for 8 hours to rest and recover your spells.
  • Shadow Theatre - Look around carefully for scrolls on the shelves.
  • After the Theatre, new dialogue is available with Safiya. Talk to her about needing answers (dialogue option 1) BEFORE talking to her about the Bear Spirit (dialogue option 2) as the first dialog option can vanish later. You can talk to her twice about whether she's leaving. There are two dialogue paths from there: Trouble at the academy and her mother. Both give you the opportunity to gain +6 Influence (total +12), which can at this stage push your Influence with her to over 60.

Mulsantir - Ice Troll Lodge
  • You will probably want to do this area much later because it is very hard to join them -- possibly tricky even for fighters and chancy in the combat trial. You can also just provoke them all and wipe them out by talking to Jurak, which can get you the powerful ring Heart of Rasheman among other treasure.
  • Tests:
    • Enduring Cold: 250 cold damage, or 350 cold damage advanced test.
      • Probably the hardest test for non-fighters to pass since you can't use any spells or gear.
      • If you're looking for ways to cheat this test, you might as well try something like turning on God-mode (right click your main character, then use console command dm_god to toggle God-mode).
    • Arm Wrestling Forovan: Strength 20 versus his left arm, 25 normal, 35 advanced test. Winning the advanced test gets you a girdle with a +10 Strength enchantment, one of very few in the game.
    • Fighting Circle: Jurak can hit for 80+ points on a critical. Sergei can hit for over 100 points on a critical. Nevertheless, because you can use all your gear and any tactics you like, this is the easiest test.
      • Overall, focus on damage over a high Attack Bonus, as the berserkers here have low armor class.
      • Even with an Armor Class of 40+, you can have a hard time here because no matter what they can still hit you if they score a critical.
      • You can pre-cast spells in the area to help you, but that is a sort of unrealistic cheat that relies on the game engine not making neutral characters take damage and turning hostile.
      • You can use the Skin of Shadow from the Middle Barrow to put a Shadow Shield on yourself before donning whatever armor you want and then taking the challenge.
      • Sergei has an AB of ~50.
  • If you kill Okku, you can talk to Nak'kai to provoke everyone even if you joined their lodge earlier.
  • Barrel with loot around the back of the building. Dirt Mound behind the Lodge at the base of the witch triune hill.
Mulsantir - Temple of the Three

Mulsantir - Prison
  • There is a Dirt Mound with loot in the north-northwest compound.
Mulsantir - Temple of Kelemvor
  • There is a Dirt Mound behind the temple, within the temple compound.
  • There is a Dirt Mound and pile of rocks in the northwest corner that is blocked by a rockfall. Use the corresponding Shadow Portal in Shadow Mulsantir to get behind the rocks in the real world. Bash the rocks to reveal a skeleton.
  • When Gann and Kaelyn are in your party, Kaelyn's dialogue overrides Gann's. You will have to speak with Darovik a second time to get Gann's dialogue with Darovik.
  • You can avoid losing Influence with Gann by ending the initial dialogue about the Wall of the Faithless when Gann starts to get upset. When you talk to Darovik again, Gann brings up the topic and you can continue then.
Shadow Mulsantir
  • Approximately in the same location as in the real Mulsantir, there are Dirt Piles and graves with loot.
  • Heilari
    • You can avoid a fight, get Influence with Safiya, and get 250 xp and a Talisman of Pure Good. Or you get negligible treasure and more XP for killing two Death Knights.
  • All Dirt Piles are accessible, although you may have to find different Shadow Portals.
    • There is one inside the Sloop, which leads outside in Shadow Mulsantir.
    • Another lets you bypass a rock slide in the real world, and you can find an item under a mound of boulders there. There is an obscure hint from one of the Witches in Mulsantir about throwing witches off their mountain temple.
Shadow Mulsantir - Temple of Myrkul
  • If you devour Kaelyn, her Essence can be used to craft a +10 Wisdom enchantment amulet.
  • The Broken Scythe Blade is used much later, if you get the chance to either use Devour Soul or Eternal Rest on Myrkul.
  • Once you get the Eternal Rest power, it is a great time to get your Craving reduced to minimum.
    • Rest and use Suppress until your Spirit Energy gets low enough that you start taking penalties.
    • Loot or destroy an offering urn to call up a Dread Wraith or a Shadow of the Void. Use Eternal Rest on it when it is "Near Death" to restore your Spirit Energy and get a bonus Essence.
    • When your Spirit Energy is high again, rest and use Suppress again. Do this until your Craving is zero (the green bar under the Spirit Energy readout).
    • Leave the other offering urns alone alone in case you need to replenish your Spirit Energy, because using Eternal Rest does not increase your Craving no matter how many times you use it a day.
  • After getting the Eternal Rest power, don't rush back to use it on the Chief Scribe (in dialogue): He will have (a tiny bit) more to say much later, when you are ready to go through the Betrayer's Gate.
Okku's Army
  • You can actually do this part right after speaking with the three witches on exiting the Veil Theatre. After you defeat enough spirits, Okku becomes vulnerable. If you can drag out the fight, you can try to kill the respawning spirits for XP and Essences.
  • This is one of the critical events in the game, as whether you devour or spare Okku will be recorded in a global variable that is checked (instead of checking whether Okku is in your party). It may be possible to devour Okku and then use the console (rosteradd Okku) to add him to your party roster, but we didn't try that.
    • You can use Mold Spirit on Okku's Essence with a belt to give a Strength +10 enchantment, one of three that you can find in the game.
  • After the battle, you are free to move about the exterior and at some point you will find a merchant family of four where you and Safiya first entered Mulsantir.

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