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Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough - Mask of the Betrayer - Part 2

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Mask of the Betrayer - Walkthrough Part 2 - Act II, III - Wells of Lurue, Ashenwood, Coveya Kurg'annis, Thaymount, Boneyard, Founder's Sanctum.

This is one of a series of walkthroughs/hints for Neverwinter Nights 2 (Mask of the Betrayer). Click here for a listing of all our guides for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Expansions.

The Wells of Lurue, Ashenwood, and Coveya Kurg'annis can all be available at the same time. It doesn't matter which area you do first unless you are taking the "evil" path, in which case you will probably want to get Devour Soul first from the Wells of Lurue, then Spirit Gorge at Ashenwood. Other than this, the game is basically linear from this point on as you need to reach certain events or get certain powers to progress.

Wells of Lurue
  •  Okku's Ancestors
    • If you fight them, you lose the opportunity to get sizable Influence with Okku and bring it up to about 61 if you go to the Wells fairly early. This will be enough to give you the Bear King's Enduring Spirit gift from Okku.
    • The unique ring you can get from fighting the ancestors has code nx1_ring08 if you want to use the console to get it.
  • Zinoviy
    • If you fail the Intimidate check, Okku can pass it for you.
  • Hill Tribe
    • You must have devoured the spirit of Okku to bargain with U'juk. ALL Uthraki always try to kill the PC if he spared Okku.
    • The NPCs that can be lured to the Hill Tribe are: Anya (from the farm on the Wells of Lurue map), Mabata of Shou (who appears outside Mulsantir, where you and Safiya first entered), and the barbarians Radu and Vyk (from the Ice Troll Lodge).
    • The rewards you can get by luring NPCs to them are:
    • If you fight them you get the very nice WitchBlessed shield.
    • In order to get U'juk's Essence, you must learn the Devour Soul feat from him, then do something to provoke the tribe and use the power on him when he is "Near Death".
  • Later patches for the game removed the ability to use Spirit Eater feats on plants, although you can do so if presented as a dialogue choice.
  • This is a pretty straightforward area, with just minor choices to be made. The most obscure choice is which of the witches to side with, and there isn't much of a clue as to which is the "correct" choice, although the consequences and rewards are mediocre at this stage of the game and considering what you can craft yourself.
(Coveya Kurg'annis) Lakeshore
  • There is a small trapped chest behind the crate and Fentomy's fisherman gear.
  • In order to get options from your Companions about what to do with Count Crowroost's coffin, interact with it with someone who cannot pick the lock.
    • Opening the Count's lock in the real world and in day time grants more XP.
(Coveya Kurg'annis) Skein
  • If you enter with Fentomy's key, you will miss out on the encounters, treasures, and influence opportunities from going through the front door and the waiting list. If you go through the front door, you will still have to go through the Skein.
  • There are basically two routes here, depending on whether you want the reward from Fentomy or follow The Sleeper sidequest:
    • Releasing the Primal Earth Elemental will block off the way to the Sleeper, so you cannot pursue that quest line with her granddaughter in Mulsantir.
    • If you reactivate the Imaskari devices to capture Greater Air Elementals, the only quest path that is closed is killing the Primal Earth Elemental for Fentomy.
      • You can still kill the Primal Earth Elemental by positioning Companions there before the area is sealed by reactivating the third Imaskari Device. When the controls are bashed, the Elemental is released and you can kill it for the Ring of the Untherite Generals.
      • Fentomy's quest is NOT updated this way. You can report back to him, though, to close the quest.
  • Air Elemental Imaskari Devices - After repairing and turning it on, use it again to get some essences.
(Coveya Kurg'annis) Slumbering Coven
  • Durler and the Hells
    • This is probably the hardest dream to get past because you need to win all his money. You can do so in a minimum of 3 straight games if you bet the maximum amount of gold each time.
    • In dialogue he talks about Nessus always being his first choice, and this is correct in the game: He always chooses Nessus in position 1, so you only have to discover and correctly position the remaining three Hells.
    • He also says something about Avernus, and it may be that he will never choose Avernus, so you might be down to 7 choices out of 9.
    • One way to help you get through this game is to choose overlapping blocks of Hells.
      • For example, if 1234 = 2 demons and 3456 = 1 devil, then it follows that one of the correct Hells is 3 or 4. Since it was incorrectly positioned when you chose 1234, and 9 (Nessus) is in first position, it must be 4. So the sequence so far is 94??.
  • Once you get to the Slumbering Coven, you can choose to attack them and theoretically Devour up to all nine souls to get special Essences (nx1_cft_ess_coven).
    • For this to work at all, you will need the Devour Soul feat from U'juk. And because there is a cooldown to using Spirit Eater feats, you will also probably need to get the Spirit Gorge feat from devouring the spirit of the Wood Man.
    • Also, it didn't work for us (using the 1.23 patch), so it may be that the hags are coded in some way (possibly as Plant) and cannot be Devoured.
    • In any case, for halfway reasonable enchantments, you need multiple Essences. Overall, not worth the effort. Just console in some essences to try out.
  • It's worth buffing your character to see what they survive of the soul depository's "defense mechanism".
  • In the golem fights, you can cast healing spells and buffs on your golem while it is fighting.
  • If you rescue Ammon Jerro and keep him alive, he can bring reinforcements to the City of the Dead, but this doesn't always happen. For us, it happened only once, when we sided with the Crusade and chose to secure the Supplicant's Gate as the first action. In any case, it was of minor use. Ammon Jerro can also help you fight One of Many (see Boneyard below).
  • This is the one time you can get permanently get rid of One of Many.
    • You will need to let it Devour Soul on Myrkul, then defeat it, then choose to Devour Soul on it in dialogue afterwards. Its Essence is one of the few ways to get a +10 Strength enhancement.
    • One of Many tells you to send away all your Companions, but it does not detect Ammon Jerro as a Companion, so you can have the Warlock help you if you need it.
    • If you don't destroy One of Many, and if your Influence with it is very high (probably 100 needed), you can get an upgrade to your Influence feat with it. The Greater Negative Aura comes with an annoying Diplomacy penalty, but a respectable 6/round Regeneration.
Founder's Sanctum
  • If you attack the Founder but have a high enough Influence with Safiya, she will not become hostile and you cannot therefore use Devour Soul on her.

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