Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wings of Destiny - Daily Activity Points

This post is one of our series of tips for Wings of Destiny, a 2.5D MMO. It is free to play, with optional features and conveniences you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about daily Activity Points (Login Rewards, Activity Points tab). For a list of our posts, click here.

Whenever possible, you will want to hit 100 Activity Points because the prize there -- a total of 10 elixirs -- is worth over 1.7 million coins were you to try to assemble it by buying from the Mysterious Shop. Elixirs are otherwise available by cash or vouchers. They are hard to get, and should not be squandered. They can get you out of serious trouble or when you are in an extreme time crunch and can't stop to recover health or mana. Although you can do something similar with a large stack of potions, that just takes up more inventory space, and you can get these elixirs for free.

Rewards are at 45, 60, 80, 100. Activities are:

+5 Stay in the game for 1 hour.
+5 Collect the "Online Reward" three times.

+5 Obtain 2 "Souls".
+5 Spin the "Lucky Roulette" TWO times.

+5 Complete 10 Daily Quests.
+5 Complete 5 Guild Quests.

 +10 Participate in Alchemist's Request Event.
+10 Participate in the Astral Trials (Solo) Event.
+15 Participate in 3 Daily Dungeons.

+10 Participate in the Recover the Wings Event.
+10 Participate in The Demon Dilemma Event.
+15 Participate in 3 Arena Fights - practice sessions count.
+15 Participate in Deathmatch Arena 5 times.
  • There are a total of 115 points possible, so not every event is critical.
  • If you are very short on time, the Alchemist's Request, Demon Dilemma, and Recover the Wings events can be short-cutted: You can simply enter solo, and immediately exit. As soon as you enter, your participation is recorded for points.
  • You get one free Roulette spin each day and can get vouchers for free spins randomly. If you don't use them, you can actually accumulate quite a bit. It is up to you whether you want to save one or two in order to get the extra points needed for a reward on a day when you can't do all events to get 100 points.
    • Free spin vouchers often show up in the Mysterious Shop for about 170,000 coins, although in rare instances you can get them for just under 10,000 coins there.

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