Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oblivion Mod Review - Claudia's Little Secret

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod Review - Claudia's Little Secret (ver: Gold Beta) Alternate Download Location
Score: +14/-4

Edit: Dec-28-2012 -- Oops! Looks like some text from another review got pasted into this one. Incorrect info has now been removed.

Summary: Plays like an adult movie, but a lot of gratuitous sex; however, it actually has a decent story and many interesting events.

Why Get This: Claudia's Little Secret is an Oblivion mod that gives you an extraordinarily different experience compared to just about every mod out there, and in so many ways. For its size, there is also an amazing amount of content, not just in quest length and number of quests, but story length and visuals. More so than any other mod I've played, this is absolutely one you MUST try.
It's worst part is the grammar and spelling, but compared to it's plusses, this is pretty minor and tolerable. Definitely get the walkthrough or you'll miss out on a lot that's hard to find. For additional support, go to the official forum.
++ Complex and interesting story and some parallel side stories involving NPCs.
+ Handles multiple characters well, with cutscenes to "what is happening in the meantime" events, adding to the broader story context.
++ Alternate endings, and very, very, good ending cutscenes.
++ An amazing amount of content and quests.
- Some quests and hidden quests are so obscure that you really need the walkthrough.
++ Tons of complex cutscenes, most of them quite interesting and plot-advancing, and really quite long. A huge amount of work has gone into this.
+- Sex scenes with good scripting so that for the most part it looks pretty decent. But there's way too much of it. Although that is part of the point of Claudia's Little Secret, at some point it becomes so predictable and tedious that you just want it to be over with so you can continue the story.
- Way too much overly buxom women. This is a design choice, and may appeal to some people, but too much of it makes it a bit too comical / silly.
++ Many quests are interesting without being combat oriented. There are so many that this deserves more than one point.
++ Some very interesting locations, with occasional stunning and/or epic visuals.

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