Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wings of Destiny - Auction House

This post is one of our series of tips for Wings of Destiny, a 2.5D MMO. It is free to play, with optional features and conveniences you can purchase with money.

In this post, we will talk about the Auction House. For a list of our posts, click here.

  • Depending on your particular server, typically the Auction House will have ludicrous prices and a lot of it will be based on what the market will bear. A lot of it won't even make sense, so try to ask around for what sells at what price instead of simply pricing things to sell or buying things based on what the going rate is in the Auction House.
  • Generally you will get better trades if you try to barter directly with someone else, especially if you can find a trustworthy and helpful person and start a cooperative relationship.
Coin Auction
  • It's best if you can watch the auction for a while before diving in. Sometimes items are priced at too high a value and when you put in the same item at the same or even slightly lower value, it won't move and you've wasted coins on the auction fee.
  • It is best to have an alternate account that makes coin with Alchemy. That way, you can have your alt buy your own auctions if they fail to move. It is typically cheaper to transfer coin this way between alternate accounts and your main account than to mail coin.
  • For sending people small amounts of items, you can try going through coin auction instead of mail.
    • Mail has a flat cost of 50 coin per mail plus 5,000 coin for a stack of any one item type (for coins, the more you send the more it costs, with no limit).
    • For coin auction transfer, have the person stand by, and then put the item to be transferred up on auction at a low price (or even 1 coin). Then have the person immediately find it and buy it.
    • There's slight risk involved, but it's cheaper if you have to, say, send 1 unit of 5 types of blueprint materials. Sometimes the price of mail will exceed the value of the item.
    • You can also transfer items to warehouse with your alternate account this way by pricing them at ludicrous prices, and having your alt buy them.
  • Look for items that are priced less than the value indicated when you examine the item. The value indicated is what a store in a town will pay for it, so if an item is priced less than that in auction, buy it immediately. When you are in town next, retrieve it from your e-mail and sell it.
  • Also look for gear of level 40 and higher. When you degrade gear of that level, you get Equipment Essence as well as at least 1 Runestone, which could have a value of 500-1000 coins. Better gear and higher-level gear will give you more Runestones -- possibly enough to offset or exceed the auction price. Equipment Essence also tends to sell at a stupidly high price, so can be a roundabout way to get some at a lower price.
  • Definitely look for auction accidents, such as items priced suspiciously low because someone forgot to change the currency to Cash.
    • If an extraordinarily pricey item appears in this way, you could be nice about it by buying it and e-mailing it back to them.
    • Remember that you can e-mail someone without knowing them as a friend by simply typing their name in the e-mail composition name box.
Cash Auction
  • If you do the Free Cash offers and get a bit of Cash, you can try the Cash Auction to make even more cash.
    • For example, if stacks of 250 Runestones will sell in auction at 5-7 Cash, you can try to confirm that from someone who sells them, and sell your own, possibly buying stacks from the coin auction to put in Cash auction.
  • If you are shopping in Cash auction, be mindful of what rate your Currency Exchange will give you per 1 Cash, and then look in coin auction for the same item but a cheaper price.
    • For example, if 250 Runestones are selling at 250,000 coins in coin auction, but 6 Cash in cash auction, then try to get it from coin auction first, since 1 Cash could net you 80,000 or more coins, depending on your toon's level.
  • If you are looking for materials to complete your blueprint, remember that you can use the "Craft All" button on a blueprint to immediately pay for materials with Cash. Note the cost there and compare it to the cost in the coin auction before buying.

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