Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Game Review - Herofy

Game Review - Herofy
Score +1/-3


There are only superficial fantasy RPG elements in Herofy. Gameplay is dominated by match-3 games with barely any correspondence to story. The "character development" here consists of choosing your gender and buying board-changing powers.

The match-3 game is very basic, has a few power-ups, and a few interesting elements such as monsters and board rotation. It plays like a watered down version of Puzzle Quest that is hardly worth playing and largely inferior to contemporary match-3 games.
+ Some interesting elements such as board rotation.
- Hardly any story or fantasy RPG action, although the promotional material and artwork suggest a fantasy RPG.
- The match-3 gaming here is nothing special. Without a strong story element and with a boring match-3 game at its core, there is hardly any reason to pick up this title unless you don't mind playing through 100 levels of match-3 games.

- There's barely any artwork here, especially considering it's supposed to be a fantasy RPG. Click here to check out the various characters and backdrops.

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