Monday, May 14, 2012

Game Review - Battle Slots RPG

Game Review - Battle Slots
Score +2/-5


Battle Slots plays very much like Puzzle Quest, except instead of a Match-3 game, the skill and chanciness of battle is abstracted with a casino-like slots game.
+ There's some customization available to buy or earn for your slot machine and how it functions.
+ Like Puzzle Quest, there are upgrades to buy, pets and pet powers to collect.
- The premise involves you discovering and carrying around a slot machine. Duh. Could they not have abstracted it more and left the slot machine as a mechanic instead of a literal part of the story?
- There is just something really retarded about your being a hero involving carrying around a slot machine. Who else is carrying one? The sparrow that can defeat you in combat?
--  Like Puzzle Quest, there is a lot of random factor which can overshadow skill. However, unlike Puzzle Quest, Battle Slots is almost entirely chance. In fact, if you lose two fights in a row, a pop-up tells you that it may just be bad luck simply due to how slots work. This should have been a hit-you-in-the-face obvious clue that the slots mechanic is severely flawed as a game or rpg mechanic. It's two different things. Slots are casino games meant to take away your money. Games are supposed to be winnable and generally involve some sort of skill-based interaction.
- Because of the highly random slot game, skill level means almost nothing. Moreover, you get nothing for losing combat, meaning you don't really get a chance to accumulate anything that will eventually get you past a mandatory battle. This translates to a good chance that you will waste your time in exchange for nothing.

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