Monday, May 28, 2012

Fallout 3 Mod Review - Weapon Mod Kits

Fallout 3 Mod Review - Weapon Mod Kits (WMK)

Score: +3/-1

Summary: Add an Auto-Fire Mechanism, Extended Magazine, Laser Sight, Scope, and/or Silencer, to most hand guns and some other weapons.

Why Get This: Expand the usefulness and interestingness of your weapons. Hardly any customization for Big Guns.
+ Visible additions to the weapons for more immersion.
++ Greatly broadens the range of options for vanilla and DLC weapons.
- Some sense of cheating here, especially with Silenced weapons. For example, the original game featured only two silenced weapons -- the Silenced 10mm Pistol and the Dart Gun. Silenced weapons are a huge advantage because they help you stay hidden while shooting from a moderately close distance (often the worst case is [CAUTION] when you miss). This meant you really only had a silenced peashooter weapon, and against tough adversaries (or on Hard Difficulty) you could only use it stealthily draw individual enemies aside instead of getting 1-shot kills. With WMK, you can have silenced powerful weapons, exacerbating an already unbalanced Stealth issue in Fallout 3.

Despite the possible issue with Stealth, this is a great mod to have to make your guns interesting, and the kits aren't so pervasive and easy to get, spreading out the effect over the course of your gameplay. Ultimately, however, it will typically come down to a choice between having Automatic Fire or having your weapon Silenced since the former increases your weapon spread while the latter is generally exclusively for sniping and also lowers the damage.

If you also use Apocalypse Armory (which adds a ton of weapons), it is somewhat integrated with weapons sometimes showing up with one or two mods. But the actual adding/removing of weapon mods does not exist for Apocalypse Armory, although work is being done to add WMK to AA.

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