Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Rest to Restore Health

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Rest to Restore Health
-- Download (ver: 2012-Mar-05) --

  • Approximately every 5 seconds, the script checks if you are in a hostile situation (i.e., Danger or Caution). If not, you start healing 1 Health per second to represent "resting".
  • You can heal up to 25%, x2 if your Head is not crippled, x2 if your Body is not crippled -- i.e., up to 100% Health if neither your Head nor your Body is crippled.
  • This script runs continuously every 5 seconds, so there is a variable delay. To change this, you can edit the associated Quest to change how frequently it runs the script.

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