Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Grab Inventory Items

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Grab Inventory Items
-- Download (ver: 2012-Mar-07) --
-- Requires the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) --
  • Use the console to add armor item xx000802 to your inventory. This is a non-droppable quest item. When you equip it, the script will grab everything in the cell that you can pick up, as if you picked it up, but regardless of where you are.
  • Note that interior spaces may be made up of more than one cell.
  • Overall, BE CAREFUL with this convenience mod: This is best used AFTER you have fully explored a location.
    • It will also pick up QUEST ITEMS and items behind locked doors.
    • It will NOT pick up items inside containers or dead bodies.
    • It CAN grab things out of NPC hands (e.g., if they are nibbling on an iguana stick).
  • Works well with the Virtual Storage System mod, which lets you remotely access containers for storage.

Note that the inventory item has no icon and is not visible when you equip it because none was assigned. This is a very lightweight script that has no dependencies whatsoever (not even Fallout3.esm).

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