Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Bottle Water

Fallout 3 Mod - GQ Bottle Water
-- Download (ver: 2012-Mar-07) --

  • When you activate a source of Average or Good water, empty bottles in inventory are converted to bottles of Dirty Water.
  • When you activate a source of Pure water (no Radiation damage from drinking), empty bottles and bottles of Dirty Water are converted to bottles of Purified Water.
  • Bottle types converted:
    • Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle
    • Empty Soda Bottle
    • Empty Whisky Bottle
    • Large Whiskey Bottle
    • Milk Bottle
  • If any bottles were filled, you do not drink from the water source. Activating a water source again without any empty bottles in inventory will allow you to drink from it as normal.
  • When you drink or consume certain items, you get an Empty Soda Bottle back. This is obviously incorrect because you might have drunk a bottle of whiskey. However, to avoid making new objects, we are using the Soda Bottle.
  • Script does not work for terrain water, such as lakes and rivers.

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