Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oblivion Mod Review - Vampire Hunting: Order of the Virtuous Blood

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod Review - Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood (ver 3.0)
Score: +4/-2

Summary: Dungeon crawl with story wrapper. Treasures and abilities as rewards. Great risk of vanilla Oblivion NPCs getting killed.

Why Get This: Kill Vampires for treasure and reward.

WARNING: Random vampire attacks in cities can kill off NPCs that don't have Essential status.
In general, vanilla Oblivion sets many NPCs to "Essential", especially if they are involved in the Main Quest. But not all of them are set this way, and they can be killed off at any time.
You might not miss much, or if they have already played their role you might not miss anything at all. However, in vanilla Oblivion, if you do every quest, you will have interacted with everyone and gone everywhere. Because NPCs can get killed by unimportant randomly generated vampires in towns, you risk breaking quests or not receiving certain quests.
It is best to have a savegame you can revert to before installing this mod.

This large mod is a sort of compilation of various vampire hunting quests. Tons of quests here.
+ Some interesting and not overpowered rewards, including Abilities. However, some of this involves Fortify Skill, which is treated by the game as a permanent skill increase when implemented as an Ability.
+ A lot of dialogue and backstory makes the missions more than just dungeon crawls, though not by much. Still, better than simply getting sent on a dungeon crawl.
+ Good effort to make the bosses different and interesting.
-- Huge risk of NPCs getting killed at random. You can avoid some of this by simply not going to town while playing this mod, but there's still no guarantee.

I recommend playing this mod, then uninstalling it. The best reward to keep is probably the Abilities. You can recreate them in a small mod of your own making using the construction set. If you do so, I recommend you make them Enchantments on clothing items assigned to no body part.

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