Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oblivion Mod Review - Origin of the Mages Guild

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod Review - Origin of the Mages Guild (ver 7.3.1)
Score: +2/-2

Summary: Mages Guild expansion.

Why Get This: Expand the Mages Guild services.

Mostly what you will interact with is new rooms in the Mages Guild and Arcane University. There's a lot of stuff to see, but barely anything interesting to do. There is a vampire lair that is basically a long dungeon crawl ending in powerful loot and made irritating by lore dumps to justify its existence.
+ A LOT of cosmetic content for the Mages Guild, including a lot of common sense things like magic classes and more spell vendors in the Arcane University. Unfortunately, it is mostly cosmetic. Interesting to see but you may hardly use it.
+ Some nice common-sense things happen to the Mages Guild after you become Archmage, like re-opening the Bruma Mages Guild.
- Rather heavy-handed with the info/lore dumps. However, if you are a lore fan then you may find a lot of this rather interesting.
- Some of the quests after you become Archmage are inane -- like running around to find candidates for the Council of Mages. You are the Archmage. You are probably also the Champion of Cyrodiil. Why are you doing gofer work? Send a lackey! (You in fact do get an Assistant, but can you send her? No.) All the quests prior to being Archmage are far more interesting than any quest this mod offers.

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