Monday, September 10, 2012

Oblivion Mod Review - Cybiades

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod Review - Daggerfall Memories - Cybiades (ver 2.1)
Score: +2/-4

Summary: Dungeon crawl. Somewhat interesting locations. Looks horrible.

Why Get This: Kill things.

This mod would be a lot better if it didn't look so ugly and wasn't so irritating to play. Basically a linear kill-things-to-get-out dungeon crawl. NOT lore friendly, and a ridiculous attempt by the modder to justify it with token reference to characters and events from Elder Scrolls games.
+- Has voiceovers, which is typically a plus since it's extra effort to add atmosphere and immersion. However, the recording quality and tone here is extremely annoying that I wished they hadn't done any at all.
+- Interesting dungeon concepts in the second part, but made irritating to play because of the ugly landscape and dungeon design. Garish colours and primitive-looking dungeon layouts that may be "designed" to look like a very old 3D game, but just looks horrid now (and why would you want to play something that looks so primitive?). The words that come to mind are "cartoony" and "LEGO".
- It's boring. Despite the interesting dungeon layout, essentially the gameplay is linear and predictable. The fights are predictable and nothing really novel, especially if you are running Martigen's Monster Mod. It boils down to just arenas with fights.
- Too much boring running around through vast, empty spaces with nothing to do. Also, to trigger the second stage (the solo dungeon) you have to leave the island, come back, leave AGAIN, then come back. And each time you do a heck of a lot of running around. Duh.

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